The Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

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The Best Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this page. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

If you have own a property that has a lot of hedges and other various shrubberies to cut, you know that keeping them nice and kept is important for both property value and sometimes even appeasing the neighborhood (and their pesky organizations). However, renting hedge trimmers from your local Home Depot or other hardware stores can be extremely pricey over time. And having someone else do it for you professionally can put you out literally thousands of dollars. 

The majority of both commercial and domestic hedge trimmers can be bought at a fraction of this cost. Regardless if you choose between a cordless electric hedge trimmer, the cheaper corded electric hedge trimmer, or a gas-powered hedge trimmer, you’ll be doing yourself a service and saving at least a few mortgage payments in the process.

Gas-powered hedge trimmers in particular are a popular pick among both home and business owners due to the fact that you never have to worry about cords getting in the way, or batteries dying before the job is done right. Even if the amount of cutting ends up taking you all day, all you have to do is refuel and continue cutting to your content. No idle hands waiting for a recharge or moving a plug from outlet to outlet just to hit that isolated corner.

Thus, in this particular instance, we’ve gone out of our way and tested some of the best gas hedge trimmers out there, and ranked and reviewed them for all of you guys and gals out there looking into getting one of your own. Read on below!

Best Overall: Tanaka 2-cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer

Tanaka USA is one of those companies that gets overlooked a lot compared to more popular household names such as Stihl, Echo, and Black & Decker. While Tanaka isn’t nearly as big as any of these other companies, the company still makes great quality trimmers, chainsaws, and leaf blowers. The Tanaka 2-cycle gas hedge trimmer is one of their most impressive power tools.

To start, the Tanaka hedge trimmer can come in three separate dual-blade sizes. These sizes range from 20″ blades at the smallest, 24″ blades for somewhere in the middle, and 30″ blades for the largest hedge trimmer offered. Each model weighs between 9.5lbs and 11.4lbs, with the larger blade options making up the additional weight. Depending on how hefty your work is, you may want to consider going with one of the larger options. However, the 20″ blade model is perfectly adequate and much more budget-friendly if you don’t mind jobs taking more time and more fuel.

And speaking of fuel, all Tanaka models have a fuel tank with a capacity of 10.1 fluid ounces. It’s not too hard to start at all due to the S-Start being simple to pull, too. On average, from it being completely cool to starting, we found it generally took about 2-3 pulls before starting. However, it’d also sometimes start after just a single pull, too.

One of the key features we love the most about the Tanaka models is the versatility of the rear handle. You can easily shift the handle into five different positions. For anyone who has ever had to lift a hedge trimmer over their shoulders for long periods of time or anyone with joint issues, you’ll understand how great this handle is the moment you get used to it.

Lastly, all three blade types are all fully capable of cutting through branches up to 3/4″ in diameter. We found that there was some difficulty in certain “greener” branches, but drier branches were decimated without any problems at all. 

Overall, you can’t go wrong with Tanaka, and we feel these hedge trimmers can easily compare with the gas-powered hedge trimmers of other household names.

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  • Three separate dual-bladed options ranging from 20″ to 30″ in length.
  • Easily cuts through dry branches that some weaker electric hedge trimmers can’t
  • Very simple and reliable starting system that can start the hedge trimmer in as little as a single pull


  • The larger bladed options are considerably more expensive than the 20″ bladed Tanaka model

Best Budget Option: Poulan Pro 22″ 2-Cycle Gas Hedge Trimmer

Next on this list, is one of the only two Poulan Pro hedge trimmers out there. As the other model is a battery-powered hedge trimmer, we’ll be sticking to this one for our gas-powered picks. 

Poulan Pro is another not-so-name-brand company that should be highly considered for any home owners. The 22″ dual-bladed PR2322 gas hedge trimmer is more than enough for the majority of households that don’t have acres of land needing to be trimmed. 

This particular gas hedge trimmer packs a lot of power into a low-priced package. It’s the cheapest available gas-powered option out there, yet still is powerful enough to compete with other gas-powered hedge trimmer up to two or three times its cost. Using its 23cc 2-cycle, full-crank engine, the Poulan Pro model can cut up branches up to an inch in diameter without too many problems at all. It’s not as easy to start as the Tanaka models, but we had no issues starting the hedge trimmer in our tests. It does share the five-position handle feature of the Tanaka, though it’s not quite as comfortable.

While we find it perfect for cutting out the costs of hiring someone else to do your yard work professionally, I wouldn’t recommend it for commercial use or for those with extensive work needed on their properties. This is primarily do to a couple notable factors. To start, the purge bulb isn’t in the greatest of places and that can be a minor annoyance. Secondly, we don’t expect that this particular trimmer is as durable as other brands four times its price. Which is understandable given the vast price difference, but still can be a bummer nonetheless.

However, Poulan Pro does offer a two-year warranty on the gas hedge trimmer, so even with the budget-friendly cost, you can at least rest easy knowing it’ll last you at least through the warranty’s duration. Thus, we absolutely recommend this to any property owners needing to do minimal routine work on their home or other buildings.

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  • Up to four times cheaper than any of the competition
  • Powerful engine, and generous blade length make for easy work done in stride
  • Easy enough to start, and doesn’t weigh a ridiculous amount
  • Five handle positions for your convenience


  • Not as durable as the much more expensive hedge trimmers, but still a great option for light house work due to two year warranty

Most Luxurious Feel: Husqvarna 23.7″ Gas Dual Action Hedge Trimmer

The third spot on our list goes to Husqvarna. Husqvarna is another of those companies that doesn’t quite have a household brand name just yet, but boasts dozens more products than either Poulan Pro or Tanaka USA does. They’re quickly cornering lots of power tool fields with many quality products in their lines. The Husqvarna 122HD60 we used in our tests was one of their eighteen total hedge trimmers available from their company, and by far the best residential model in their 100s series lineup.

From the moment you hold onto the 122HD60 gas hedge trimmer, you can tell by the two handles alone that it’s a notch above similar competitors in terms of feel. Both handles are noticeably more wide than the Tanaka and Poulan Pro above, and feel as if they’re made of a  more solid material. 

The reciprocal dual blades themselves are a generous 23.7 inches long. In comparison to the 24″ Tanaka, the Husqvarna is currently much cheaper and has a very similar effective blade length. However, both the Husqvarna 122HD60 and the Tanaka models above use a 2-cycle 21cc engine. The Husqvarna is a tad more powerful, but it’s fairly negligible as it’s less than a single cc difference. 

Unfortunately, the rear handle of the Husqvarna isn’t nearly as easy to adjust as the Tanaka models. Often times while trimming, you’ll find yourself manually adjusting your grip quicker than actually adjusting the back handle. Occasionally, this leads to some awkward angles between your hands and the trigger of the hedge trimmer, which just results in giving in to moving the rear handle before continuing anyway.

In terms of starting, we found no issues in starting the Husqvarna 122HD60 in the slightest. The 100 series Husqvarna gas hedge trimmers all come with their registered Smart Start technology, and all of them take minimal effort to get going.

Overall, the Husqvarna isn’t a bad choice for anyone wanting a luxurious-feeling gas hedge trimmer for their residential properties.

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  • Nearly 24″ dual blades are nice for getting the job done quicker than the shorter competition
  • Handles are noticeably higher quality than some similarly priced competitors
  • Easy Smart Start technology makes starting the gas hedge trimmer a breeze


  • Rear handle isn’t as easy to adjust as some others out there
  • A little on the expensive side

Most Trusted Name-Brand Option: Echo HC-2020 Gas Hedge Trimmer

The one and only name brand option to be featured on our list, Echo’s HC-2020 takes the fourth slot on the list. Echo is one of those companies that makes products that should last you anywhere between five and fifteen years with proper care, and the HC-2020 is no different.

Like the Tanaka and Husqvarna models reviewed above, the Echo HC-2020 is another 2-cycle 21cc engine gas hedge trimmer. The Echo boasts extended large rear and front handles to give a very ergonomic, comfortable experience while trimming. 

The HC-2020 also has a fuel capacity of 13.2 fluid ounces, which is over a third more capacity than any of the Tanaka models. This essentially means less refueling and more trimming for those of us with bigger trimming projects.

Otherwise, it has two 20″ blades, matching many of the shorter options we reviewed. The HC-2020 gas hedge trimmer also weighs a mere 10lbs, making it one of the lightest gas hedge trimmers out there. 

Best of all, because Echo has been in the industry for over 40 years, they believe highly in the quality of their products, and offer a five year consumer warranty on the HC-2020. 

The only downside is that name brand products come with name brand prices. The Echo HC-2020 is significantly more expensive than some other dual-bladed 20″ gas hedge trimmers out there.

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  • Trusted name brand has hedge trimmer made by industry giant, Echo
  • Great 13.2 fuel capacity tank lasts longer than some similar competitor products
  • Easily starts up within three pulls in all of our tests


  • Expensive compared to other 20 inch dual-bladed gas hedge trimmers due to being a name brand product

Multi-Tool Package Option: PROYAMA Gas Powered 5-in-1 Trimming Tool Set

The fifth and final entry on the list is this 5-in-1 trimming tool collection by PROYAMA. While it’s not strictly only a gas-powered hedge trimmer like all of the others we tested, it’s not the worst option for gardeners and home owners wishing to do multiple different landscaping and maintenance chores all in one swoop.

The multi-tool system boasts five primary tools that can be set up. It can function as a hedge trimmer, a string trimmer, a brush cutter, a pole saw, and a chainsaw. Every single attachment and extension is operated by the same 43cc 2-stroke, gas engine

This multi-tool is also VERY heavy. Even with the lighter extensions attached, it’s noticeably more heavy than any of the above gas hedge trimmers we reviewed. With the hedge trimmer attachment on alone, the tool weighs nearly double that of all of the other gas hedge trimmers.

While this sounds good on paper, it’s more of a jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none sort of unit. The hedge trimmer isn’t nearly as great as getting any of the standalone trimmers above. Can it do the job? Absolutely. Will it do it in an time-efficient manner? Absolutely not.

If you want to cut the costs out of getting all of the tools you need separately, then the PROYAMA 5-in-1 trimming tool can be an excellent choice for that purpose. You won’t have the best experience compared to getting the dedicated tools of each purpose separately, but you can save a lot of money if you don’t mind sacrificing your time. 

In any case, I strongly recommend weighing the pros and cons and whether you wish to deal with swapping out extension parts before getting this multi-tool (or any other, for that matter).

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  • Five different tools that cost a fraction of what each tool would cost individually
  • Powerful 43cc 2-stroke engine


  • Not as efficient as using a dedicated gas hedge trimmer instead
  • Constantly will be swapping out extension parts if you intend on using each tool 
  • Significantly heavier than the other lightweight gas hedge trimmers available

What You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Gas Hedge Trimmer

Before you think about buying a gas-powered hedge trimmer, consider the following information in your decision.

Before You Purchase a Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmer

Consider the pros and cons of choosing between a gas-powered, battery-powered, or corded electric hedge trimmer. Gas-powered hedge trimmers are traditionally more powerful than electric ones, and don’t require constantly unplugging and plugging cords, or waiting for a battery to charge before you can continue working. However, for smaller jobs meant for home owners with only a handful of smaller hedges, bushes, or other shrubberies, an electric one might be fine.

Always consider the work load and what you’ll be using the hedge trimmer for.

Qualities and Features to Consider Before Making a Purchase

There are numerous features and qualities to consider before making your choice. Depending on the work needing to be done and its intensity, you should consider all of the following before choosing the right gas hedge trimmer for you and your property.

Length of Blades

The length of blades provided by the hedge trimmer is always a feature of utmost importance. 

Shorter blades can make for much longer hours trimming outside, and can lead to uneven trimming in the hands of amateurs. On the other hand, shorter bladed hedge trimmers are also much easier to handle. Typically, the shorter the effective blade length, the less the hedge trimmer will weigh, too.

In comparison, longer blades on hedge trimmers generally mean that trimming takes less work and the work done is much more even due to the length of the cuts. However, they can be far more unruly if you aren’t accustomed to trimming with longer blades. And, you’ll definitely have to get used to the increased weight, too.

Number of Blades

In addition to the length of blades, the number of them is another important aspect to consider. 

Reciprocal dual-bladed hedge trimmers get the job done in up to half the time due to being able to cut in both directions, and have overall much more cutting power. However, a single blade is generally recommended if you want to feel safe pointing the edge without a blade towards you.

Weight of the Hedge Trimmer

This is another key factor to consider. While many of us don’t think all too much about picking up 10-15 pounds frequently, there’s a reason why many professional trimmers have a fairly substantial muscular build. 

Holding something weighing as much over your head for some necessary trimming for hours on end, day after day, leads to a significant amount of strength needed to operate it to the best of your ability.

Even dropping from using a 11 pound hedge trimmer to a 10 pound one can save you a lot of time and fatigue over the long run if you’re not accustomed to holding weight for prolonged periods of time in various angles.

Size of the Hedge, Bush, Etc.

For those with large hedges and other various flora on their properties, you will have to consider getting a hedge trimming that’s long enough to reach the heights of your plants comfortably. 

Ladders can help a lot if you’re using a shorter bladed hedge trimmer, but they only go so far. For a lot of those awkward angles that you can’t use a ladder for, you may need a hedge trimmer with a much longer blade.

Hedge Trimmer Durability

As with all of our costly power tools, we want tools that last. Investing even a couple hundred dollars into something you only get a handful of uses out of is a terrible value.

Consider looking into other customer reviews and choosing proven brands in the industry to avoid wasting your money.

And, as always, try to look for a gas hedge trimmer that has at least a warranty for a handful of years.

The Size and Spacing between Teeth on the Blade(s)

The size and spacing between each of the teeth on the blade, or blades, of your gas-powered hedge trimmer are another important aspect to consider. 

Depending on how far the teeth are between each other, the majority of household hedge trimmers may be able to handle branches of sizes between 1/2 an inch to an inch in diameter. 

The more powerful the blade speed and the wider the teeth, the more your hedge trimmer can handle in thickness. Some commercial hedge trimmers can even cut through branches over an inch in diameter with no problems at all.

Fuel Capacity

Lastly, fuel capacity is another factor to consider. 

This is admittedly fairly low on the list, but if you don’t enjoy interrupting your trimming with additional refueling cycles, then you may value the gas hedge trimmers with higher fuel tank capacities much higher.

In general, the bigger the fuel capacity, the less you’ll have to worry about refueling during your prime cutting sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gas-Powered Hedge Trimmers

Are Gas Hedge Trimmers Better than Electric Ones?

This depends entirely on personally opinion, the work that needs to be done, and the amount of time you want to do it in. Gas hedge trimmers aren’t inherently better than electric hedge trimmers, but they do come with some notable advantages.

Firstly, gas hedge trimmers are generally much more powerful than their electric counterparts. They cut better and faster, making them a much more effective use of your time if you want the job done quick. 

Secondly, they do not require to be plugged in. Nor do you have to worry about batteries dying and being forced to wait until your tools recharge. When the fuel of a gas-powered hedge trimmer runs out, you simple refuel and start up again.

However, the main drawback to a gas hedge trimmer just comes in the fact that you need gas on hand. Electric hedge trimmers tend to be cheaper both in initial costs and long-term costs due to only requiring electricity to function.

How Much Are Gas Hedge Trimmers?

This varies wildly depending on brand, blade length, and a variety of other features, but the majority of residential gas hedge trimmers average between $200-400.

Professional grade gas hedge trimmers, in comparison, vary generally between $400-650.

Can You Sharpen the Blade of a Gas Hedge Trimmer?

You absolutely can. 

Most people good with their hands typically sharpen the blades of their hedge trimmers using either a file such a mill file or a dremel. Either tool can be used to get your hedge trimmer back into action and trimming in no time.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to sharpen these tools every 50-100 hours of use trimming. Any more than that and you risk stripping away the metal on the blades in lieu of actually sharpening them.

How Do I Clean My Gas Hedge Trimmer?

This is a lot more simply than many would think. After using your gas hedge trimmer and allowing it to cool, simply clean the blades and the rest of the unit in a mixture of soapy water.

It’s important to clean your gas hedge trimmer after each use, as the last thing you want for it is a buildup of sap and other sticky bio-material on the buttons and blades of your tool.

Picking the Gas Hedge Trimmer for You

So, you’ve made it this far and you’re still not sure which gas hedge trimmer is the right one for you. No problem! We’ve collected and paraphrased our above reviews into brief recommendations linked below for your convenience. 

Hopefully, with that, you’ve been able to pick the best gas hedge trimmer for you and your properties and will be able to start saving on professional help soon.

Thanks for reading, hedge lovers!