Best Wicker and Rattan Patio Sets for a Beautiful Yard

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Wicker and rattan weaved patio sets are some of the most common, stylish choices for many American households’ backyards. They’re resistant, mostly waterproof, and require nearly no maintenance. What’s not to like about that?

Plus, objectively speaking, they’re also beautiful. Even mass-produced wicker designs look like masterworks compared to using standard metal or plastic lawn chairs in place of them. The characteristics of each weave also vary from brand to brand, so many rattan and wicker designs can look completely different. 

So, if you’ve got an eye for wicker or rattan furniture, you’re not alone. Many people love the weaved designs that both of these materials provide. Outdoor furniture manufacturers know this, and there are many, many different patio sets out there made in this fashion because they do.

Thus, if you’re looking through all of the wicker and rattan patio set options and aren’t sure which ones are the best, then we understand. We’ve taken a look at many of the patio sets available and created this list of what we consider to be the best possible wicker and rattan patio sets available for each purpose outlined below.

Wicker and Rattan Patio Sets: Reviews

First on the list of wicker and rattan patio sets is this simple three-piece patio set for two people. It’s cheap enough to be considered by most households, and quality enough to last you a significant time.

The chairs and center table are all made out of weather-resistant polyethylene rattan that’s been weaved together to the base steel frames underneath to make a beautiful set.  It’s weather resistant enough to withstand harsh rain without any issues. You may want to consider a covers for the cushions from harsher weather, but they’re also easily removable and washable when they become a little too saturated. 

In addition, every single piece shown is fairly lightweight. They can all be safely and quickly moved even by nearly anyone. Even grandmothers and grandfathers will have no issue moving the chairs and center table around to best fit wherever they want their outdoor furniture to be.

The chairs, however, do have a weight limit of 200 pounds, which may mean that they’re not for everyone. For people that run on the big or tall sides, you may want to consider a larger, more durable patio set instead.

Finally, one slight drawback is that the backs of the chairs are not cushioned like the bottoms of them are. You will likely want to purchase back cushions separately to have the most comfortable experience. The backs of the chairs are fairly hard otherwise!

Major Features to Note

  • Three piece set that includes two wicker chairs and a wicker center table complete with tempered glass top.
  • Wicker can be left out in the rain or snow without any issue due to the weather resistant and waterproof materials used in construction.
  • Cushions are comfortable, removable, and washable whenever you desire.
  • The entire set is very cost-friendly and cozy for any couple.
  • Requires assembly.
  • Weight limit of each chair is 200 pounds.
  • Chairs measure 22 x 22 x 33 inches in total each.
  • Side table measures 16 x 16 x 18 inches total, with the top tempered glass measuring 16 x 16 inches as well.


  • Cheap enough to be considered the solution for any household regardless of financial status
  • Perfect, small low-profile patio set for couples with limited space or who simply are looking to fill a space in their front or back yard
  • Materials of the chairs and side table are durable enough to withstand rain, snow, and any other bad weather without degrading


  • Not for big or tall people, as the weight limit of each chair is 200 pounds
  • Only two chairs included makes it not great for those with families

The next option on the list is the one we highly recommend for anyone with family members or friends that are frequently around. This particular 7-Piece set by SUNCROWN is the only addition on the entire list that can comfortably seat up to six full-grown adults without any issue.

The best feature of this entire lot is the fact that every single piece can be set up in any way you desire. All six of the pieces of the sectional sofa can be divided into standalone chairs, or combined in any way you can think of. Plus, you can change the layout on the fly if you decide that you want to switch things up a little outside.

Otherwise, every single piece is made of the same weather resistant, beautiful wicker that you’d expect from pieces of outdoor furniture. The frames of every piece require very little maintenance and care and won’t degrade with rain or snow. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about the cushions. They can be removed and washed at any point, but you’re going to want to use a cover to prevent staining from rain or snow Luckily, the manufacturers have you covered this time around. Included with the seven pieces is also a cushion cover so you don’t have to worry about constantly removing all of the cushions from the sectional pieces each time bad weather starts heading your way.

Finally, assembly is required for the entire sofa set, unfortunately. It’s not an extensive process and the instructions provided are fairly straightforward, but it’ll still likely take two people an hour or two to complete the entire sectional set together.

Major Features to Note

  • Can easily seat upwards of six or more full grown adults, or many more children and grandchildren.
  • Beautiful wicker designs and base frames are totally waterproof.
  • Cushions will stain if left out in the rain, but a cover is provided so you won’t have to worry constantly about bringing the cushions inside or purchasing a cover separately.
  • All six of the sectional sofa pieces can be set up in any way that you desire. Each of them includes clips that latch on together so you don’t have to worry about sliding either.
  • Resists all weather and requires minimal maintenance even if kept outdoors all year round.


  • Seats up to six adults with no issues at all
  • Can be placed in any setup that your yard and your creativity allows
  • Beautiful patio set no matter how you set it up
  • Cover provided to protect your cushions from weather staining


  • Somewhat expensive compared to budget options, but the lesser-priced patio sets are also smaller and come with far less pieces

If you’ve got the budget to spare, then this next patio set is hands-down one of the best and most complete sets that we’ve ever come across. The Ovios 10-piece wicker patio set is a beautiful wicker set that’s sure to be the centerpiece of any backyard.

The entire set is composed of a three-person sofa, a two-person sofa, two standalone single sofas, two ottomans, and a center coffee table. Every single individual piece of the sofas can be separated if desired, allowing for a total of up to nine different chairs available. If you thought that the previous option which seated six adults was good, then I’m sure that the ability to seat nine people must seem amazing to you.

Additionally, every single piece includes high-quality aluminum bases and wicker that’s designed to be woven in thick links to stand out that much more. All of the individual pieces look beautiful even at a distance due to this. The larger weave of the wicker is a fantastic choice.

Like the previous set, all of the wicker and metal frames are completely and totally waterproof. The patio furniture will not degrade over time in the slightest. And a furniture cover is included to protect the deep, thick cushions from terribly bad weather and over-saturation in the event of a sudden burst of rain.

Sadly, all pieces do require assembly. The tools to do so are provided, but it’ll still likely take you and another person or two to complete in around two hours for all of the pieces. Once you do, it’s a simple task to set up the furniture in any format you love though!

Major Features to Note

  • Two colors to choose from currently: beige and blue!
  • 10-piece set can comfortably seat up to nine fully grown adults without any issues.
  • Metal and thick wicker weave are all weather and sunlight resistant.
  • Assembly takes around two hours total, but all of the pieces are straightforward to put together and lightweight enough to move around in any way you choose.
  • The best luxurious patio set you can purchase without paying upwards of three to four times as much more locally.


  • Amazing patio set, even for the price point, that’s capable of seating up to nearly ten adults without issue
  • The best possible option that you can buy if you need to seat many people without spending over $3000-5000 for a locally sourced set
  • Wicker and metal combination makes it especially durable, capable of holding weights much higher than cheaper patio sets


  • The only true con is the price: it’s at least double the cost of every other option available, but none of the other options are meant for large groups of people

Taking it a step back from the far more expensive family and large group patio sets, we’re going back to the more budget friendly options for the remainder of this list. This 4-piece set from Homall is the first of these to take another spot.

This particular patio set is a simple and sweet set complete with a single person sofa, two chairs, and a center table. All of the pieces are made with mid-quality polyethylene rattan materials. Unlike the patio set at number one, however, this particular set is capable of holding much more weight. This is primarily due to the fact the chairs are bigger and contain more rattan material.

Each of the chairs and sofa can hold up to 330 pounds. Unfortunately, the two single chairs are not really wide enough to hold bigger or taller men and woman though. The single person sofa, however, is perfect for them.

For anyone with a smaller patio, this set might just be the ideal choice for you. The previous two patio sets require a fairly significant amount of space, but these four pieces are small enough to be placed in far more compact spaces.

As with all of the other patio sets, some assembly is required. Surprisingly, this one took a while for us to build due to some pieces being slightly bent in the delivery, but we were still able to make it work regardless.


Major Features to Note

  • Four separate pieces capable of seat up to three adults.
  • Made from mid-quality synthetic rattan weave.
  • Weight limit of each chair is 330 pounds, though the smaller two chairs might still not be suitable for large and tall people.
  • Cushions can be unzipped and washed at any point in time if they get too dirty.


  • Budget friendly option for three people
  • Small and compact solution for people with smaller patio spaces they want to spruce up
  • The chairs are sturdy enough after assembly


  • Individual pieces sometimes arrive slightly bent, and assembly can take a while due to this 
    (May be a delivery issue, however)

In the fifth spot, we have the cheapest option available that provides the best value to those on a very limited budget. No matter what your budget is like, we understand the desire to spruce up your yard and patio regardless. This patio set might be the best option for you if you find yourself looking for the best, cheapest set available.

Like the previous set, both of the chairs included have a weight capacity of up to 330 pounds. They’re so small that you may not be able to sit in them well if you’re on the larger or taller side, however.

Otherwise, they’re made of standard quality synthetic rattan that’s been outfitted to be weather resistant. One of the key features you want to look for in any outdoor set is whether or not you’ll have to perform routine maintenance on your patio set. We’re happy to say that even at this price point, you won’t have to do much to keep your chairs and side table nice.

The cushion provided may not be enough for some people. It’s comfortable enough, but is a tad on the thin side for our tastes. Plus, with the lack of a back cushion, you’re likely going to want to include a cushion or two of your own in any case.

Lastly, assembly on this particular set was very simple and straightforward for us. It took all of twenty minutes to go from standalone pieces to a complete two-person patio set.

Major Features to Note

  • Weight limit of up to 330 pounds per each chair. 
  • Four separate different cushion colors to choose from.
  • Fairly standard features that are good value for the price point.
  • Chairs and tea table do not take up much space at all.


  • Provides a lot of value for the extremely cheap price
  • Chairs are durable and comfortable enough for many people
  • All three pieces include the fantastic wicker and rattan features despite the low price


  • Cushions and chairs are fairly small and may not be suitable for big and tall men and women
  • Stand out more than basic lawn chairs, but still don’t appeal much compared to other patio sets

Next on the list is the cheapest option to seat a family of four. This particular patio set is a simple high table complete with four metal chairs with rattan weave backs. 

It’s far from the most appealing visually, but it’s still a solid option for any family living paycheck to paycheck. If your family is in need of a patio set to enjoy your front or back yard, then this one might be the right one for you.

The patio set can come in three separate colors: grey, dark brown, and black. If you’re looking to mimic the standard coloration of most wicker and rattan features, I would strongly recommend the dark brown set. 

Please note that it’s not the most comfortable set, either. Without any cushions, the metal and rattan chairs are a little on the tough and hard side. You’ll likely end up purchasing cushions separately if you intend on sitting outside in them often.

In any case, the patio set still provides a significant amount of value for the price point. You’d be hard-pressed to find another table and chairs for four set for anywhere close to the value this one provides.

Major Features to Note

  • Four metal and rattan weave chairs complete with one high metal table.
  • Most budget-friendly option to seat a family of four outdoors.
  • Chairs do not include cushions.
  • Chairs can be stacked and stored away easily if desired at any point in time.


  • Most budget-friendly option to seat a family of four people outside
  • Chairs can be stacked and stored away when not in used if desired
  • Only patio set option to include a table at seating level instead of a coffee or side table


  • Chairs are somewhat uncomfortable for sitting for prolonged periods of time without padding
  • Not the visually greatest patio set to look at

In the final spot on our list, we have the most unique design out of any possible rattan or wicker option. This 4-piece patio set by Suwikeke mimics the standard rattan designs of many indoor accent chairs made from pure Indonesian rattan.

Of course, since it’s an outdoor patio set and natural rattan degrades with weather, it’s made from synthetic rattan weaving instead. On the bright side, this rattan makes it completely and totally weatherproof. You won’t have to do much of anything to keep it maintained.

Additionally, this patio set can come in five different wood washes. Pick the color that appeals most to you and what you envision your patio or yard looking like.

Each seat can hold up to 300 pounds, and unlike some of the other patio sets with smaller chairs, these ones are large enough to be able to hold taller and wider people, too!

The four pieces are two standalone chairs, a large coffee table, and a widened sofa seat. The coffee table isn’t the greatest in our opinion, however. Unlike some of the other patio sets that have wicker or rattan weaving directly below the tempered glass, this one simply rests on the top of a base rattan frame. For outdoor furniture, we prefer the additional sturdiness of having a lower metal or wooden portion to better support the tempered glass. It likely won’t break regardless, but it’s just not a chance we like to take anyway.

Still, the designs of the three chairs are really nice and stand out among lower-end patio set options in our eyes.

Major Features to Note

  • Two standalone chairs, an elongated sofa chair, and a fairly large coffee table are included in this set.
  • Each chair has a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds.
  • The chairs and table are all designed to mimic the classic rattan accent chair commonly seen among the indoor creations of rattan weavers.
  • Synthetic rattan is completely weatherproof and will not succumb to rain or snow.


  • The design stands out among the low-end budget options
  • Chairs are all wider and taller than many other budget patio options
  • Five different wood colors to choose from is always a great feature


  • Coffee table could be made better by included a rattan weave under tempered glass for safe outdoor use in our opinion

Picking the Best Wicker or Rattan Patio Set for You

Done with reading our reviews above? Still not sure which patio set is the right option for you? No worries. We’ve summarized all of the key points of the above reviews and made them into a list that may be able to help you come to a conclusion as to which patio set is the right one for you.

With that, I hope that you’re able to spruce up your yard and enjoy your new patio set and all the beautiful features it brings.

Thanks for reading, wicker and rattan lovers!