The Best Pink Cat Beds that Your Cat Will LOVE

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate (and occasional other services), I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this page. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

That’s right. Pink cat beds.

If you’re like me, you probably enjoy spoiling your pets with the best for your little pals. The healthiest food, the most durable toys, and of course, only the most comfortable of spaces for them to sleep! After all, we all love sleeping in comfort, right?

The majority of cats will sleep between 15 to 20 hours a day. That’s a whole lot of time to be in the comfiest places that they enjoy. My personal favorite location to set up their bed is right here on my desk. Nothing better than watching your cat sleep around all day feeling both happy for them and jealous that you can’t sleep the hours away as they do.

So, naturally, you ask, “What bed should I get for my cat?”

A pink cat bed, of course! …Why pink? Why not!

Thus, we’ve reviewed some of the best (and pinkest!) pink cat beds around.

Best Overall: TEMPCORE Pink Cat Bed

The best overall pink cat bed goes to TEMPCORE. I’m a huge fan of these donut-style pet beds for both my cats and dogs, as all of them love to snuggle up in the middle of them. They also generally have enough room for multiple cats or dogs if you have pets that are inseparable like we do!

Like most donut designs, the TEMPCORE pink cat bed is a nice blend of ultra-soft and fluffy faux suede and polyester fabric that many cats are sure to enjoy. The material helps absorb the natural body heat that your cat produces, ensuring that they’ll be super warm and comfy even in the harsher winter months.

Additionally, the TEMPCORE Pink Cat Bed features two primary functions aside from comfort. Firstly, the bottom of the bed comes with some nifty non-slip material which is great if you plan on placing the bed on top of any furniture or on a hardwood floor surface. Secondly, the bed is completely and totally machine washable. We actually recommend washing the bed right after you get it delivered, as it fluffs up best after a gentle wash or two.

Finally, these donut beds are fantastic beds for any pet due to the neck support they provide by design. However, the TEMPCORE pink cat bed will only fit cats, small dogs, and other animals up to about 15lbs/6.8kg. As there are no other sizes currently available from TEMPCORE, you may have to look elsewhere if you have a larger cat!

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  • Super soft and comfy interior
  • No-slide bottom great for flat, hard surfaces
  • Naturally warm, supportive bed for all cats that can fit


  • Not made for cats larger than 15lbs/6.8kg, and no larger sizes available for bigger cats.

Best for Large Cats: Love’s Cabin XXL Donut Cat Bed

The biggest strength of the second best cat pink bed on the list is the weakness of the first one! The Love’s Cabin XXL Donut can fit the majority of the heftiest of cats. Boasting being capable of being large enough to allow cats up to 30lbs/13.6kg to rest in the bed, it’s one of the biggest beds marketed to indoor cats.

In addition, the XXL pink cat bed also has a few similarities to our overall top pick. The bottom  is conveniently also a non-skid bottom making it great for hardwood floors or other surfaces. The bed has a nice and comfy down resembling the same materials of the first bed, but we felt the first bed was of slightly better quality.

Which brings us to the next point: machine washable features. This bed is also machine washable, but unlike the first bed, this one has a protective cover that must be unzipped prior to washing. As we’re all about being lazy, we preferred the ability to just toss the entire bed into the wash. However, some cat parents may prefer the additional protective cover and ability to separate parts of the bed for their own reasons.

The XXL pink cat bed is also notably more expensive than many others out there due to the size and amount of materials being obviously much more demanding. Though it’s not terribly expensive, it’s still worth noting for those on a budget.

Overall, the Love’s Cabin XXL Donut in Pink is still a fantastic choice for those with cats above 15lbs/6.8kg.

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  • Very large compared to other cat beds
  • Not crazy expensive for a much larger bed
  • Overall good materials for the price


  • Machine Washable parts feature a separate cover from bed.
    (*May be a pro to some.)
  • Price is more expensive than smaller beds

Best for Shy Cats: PETMAKER Cozy Kitty in Pink

The next pink cat bed to appear on the list is the PETMAKER Cozy Kitty. This adorable igloo designed bed is great for any aloof cat that loves to instinctively run off and be alone.

One feature that can be a blessing or a curse depending on the cat is the fact that the design of the PETMAKER Cozy Kitty is meant to be a fairly tight and snug fit. This is best for cats that love to wedge themselves into small, comfy spaces. However, on the flip side, if your cat is more prone to sprawling out wherever they like, this may not be the right choice for them.

Like the donut-style pink cat beds above, the Cozy Kitty is fairly good at retaining body heat due to the nature of the design. The igloo helps your kitty’s body heat warm up the entire inside of the bed.

One notable difference between the donuts and this one, however, is that the inside lower mat is notably less soft than the inner parts of the above beds. This is due in part to the fact that the inner mat is a removable foam cushion. Though it’s nicely padded and all, it’s a little on the thin side in comparison to a standard pet bed.

Lastly, the bed is only intended for kittens and cats up to 16lbs/7.25kg due to its small igloo structure. Unfortunately, the Cozy Kitty does not currently come in any larger sizes for bigger cats.

Regardless, the PETMAKER Cozy Kitty pink cat bed is a great choice for any small cat owner with a cat that prefers tight, more secluded places to rest in comfort.

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  • Great for cats that loves secluded, tight spaces
  • Comfy, plush exterior
  • Design great for trapping heat in for maximum kitty comfort


  • Inner padding is comfy, but a little on the thin side for our tastes.
  • Small, snug design may not be for all cats

Best / Cutest Design: Round Cat Bed by Mora Pets

The next on the list of pink cat beds we reviewed is the Round Pink Cat Bed by Mora Pets. We found that the overall design of the bed and the way it stands out compared to other donut-styled cat beds out there made it a worthy addition to the pink cat bed list!

To start with, the round pink cat bed is stuffed with heat-absorbing cotton, making it a very soft and warm place for your cat or kitten to sleep. The donut design allow for them to sink into the middle while resting their heads on the nice supportive outer ring.

Secondly, and probably the most apparent features of the bed, are the additions of the two cat ears and the long fluffy ball attached directly to the bed. While the ears and long, fluffy ball may look just like cute design additions, they’re also perfect for your cat’s entertainment. Many cats love to play with the ears and ball while active, and then pass out directly afterwards in this bed.

Other than the additions that make this bed stand out, this pink cat bed shares many similarities with the other donut-styled beds higher on the list. It’s also machine washable and features a removable zipper cover. It has a waterproof bottom (though it is missing the non-slip nubs of the other donut beds). And, it’s also made for cats weighing up to 15lbs/6.8kg. Unfortunately another one that doesn’t offer larger sizes for bigger cats!

Due to its adorable design, we feel this is an excellent contender for one of the best pink cat beds out there.

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  • Attached fluffy ball is fantastic for your cat to play with
  • Ears and ball make this bed stand out compared to other donut cat beds
  • Soft, warm cotton-filled interior


  • A little on the small side for cats above 12lbs/5.44kg
  • Lacks non-slip bottom, so not really great for hard surfaces.

Best Budget Option: Mora Pets Ultra Soft Pink Pet Bed

The final entry to the list is another pink cat bed option from Mora Pets! This pink cat bed is a machine washable mat that can be placed virtually anywhere that your cat will lay down.

In fact, that’s one of its strongest points. While it’s notably more simple in design and function than any other option in this article, it makes up that simplicity by being versatile. Many cat moms and dads pick up multiple units of these cat beds and place them everywhere that their cats like to sleep. Whether that means the desk, the couch, your favorite chair, their crate or kennel, or otherwise!

These pink cat bed mats are fully machine washable and durable enough to last a minimum of one year of washes per the manufacturer’s warranty. This makes them extremely convenient to use around any part of your home.

In addition, they come in four different sizes depending on the size of your cat and where you intend on placing the bed down. No matter how large your cat may be, you can accommodate their comfort. The downside? The bigger mats do cost noticeably more than the smaller ones.

The second downside I’d like to point out is the lack of head support due to the simple design. Obviously, due to the fact that these beds are flat mats, they do not feature any kind of head support for you kitten or cat. While this may not be a deal-breaker to some, it solely depends on where they’re being placed and how your cat prefers sleeping comfortably.

Overall, you can’t really beat the convenient, budget-friendly nature of this pink cat bed if you are looking for a budget choice.

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  • Won’t break the bank compared to other pink cat beds out there.
  • Can be placed anywhere due to flat mat design
  • Durable through multiple machine washes


  • No neck or head support for your cat
  • Very simple, and can be an unflattering design to some people
  • Larger mats cost much more than smaller ones

The Best Pink Cat Beds — Frequently Asked Questions

Are Cat Beds Machine Washable?

Generally, this depends on the type of bed in question, but the majority of cat beds are washable to some extent. Whether this means having a protective removable cover, waterproof parts, or just being able to be thrown directly into the washer completely depends on the manufacturer, materials used, size of the bed, and overall design of the bed itself.

Be sure to look into your manufacturer’s recommended settings for machine washing prior to doing any cleaning!

Are Cat Beds Absolutely Necessary?

This is more of an objective question and really depends on the owner and needs of that cat. Some cat owners are more than happy to share their beds, couches, and other spaces with their furry little guys and gals, but others prefer having clear defined spaces for their cats to really enjoy having to their selves. 

There’s also the matter of other furniture not really being designed with cats in mind to consider. A cat bed can be perfectly designed to provide the maximum amount of support and comfort for the size of your cat in a way that just allowing them to rest anywhere doesn’t. 

Additionally, there is also the matter of separation anxiety in some cats that can sway decisions. Some cats prefer to be near their owners whenever possible. This means that an additional bed could be warranted if you want your cat to be comfortable in any room they venture off into with you.

In the end, as your cat will (generally speaking) sleep at least twice if not thrice as much as you do daily, it’s up to each individual owner to decide whether their cat needs their own individual bed.

Is it Possible for Cat Beds to Carry Bugs?

The short answer – yes. 

Depending on the material of the bed, whether your cat frequently travels outdoors, and how often you check your cat’s fur and clean the bed, it’s possible that your cat bed can become infested with critters.

Just as it’s important for pet owners to routinely prevent their cats from getting the nasty critters in the first place, it’s also important to routinely do your due diligence in preventing your cat’s bedding in suffering the same fate. 

The two most common things you can do to stay on top of this are washing your cat’s bed ideally at least once a week, and vacuuming routinely around any area that your cat may sleep in. Doing both of these will mitigate the risks of any cat’s bed being compromised.

Do Cat Beds Smell?

Generally speaking, (pink) cat beds do not smell any more than any cat smells.

So long as you’re routinely washing the bed and vacuuming the area around the bed, you should have no issues with unwanted scents or odors.

Be sure to also ensure the smell isn’t coming from your cat either! We all know how much they can get into!

Seriously Though, Why Pink Cat Beds?

As mentioned in the introduction, “Why not!”

Joking aside, we just really love the color pink and are sure that some of you out there feel the same if you’ve made it this far.


Picking the Best Pink Cat Bed for You – How to Make the Right Selection

After reading each of the above reviews and going over your and your cat’s individual needs, and obviously your love of pink if you’ve made it this far, you hopefully have an idea of the bed that most suits your cat at this point. And if not, don’t worry! Below are our recapped, shortened recommendations for each type of pink-lovin’ cat owner.

  • If you want the best overall choice for your cat and cat is under 15lbs/6.8kg:
  • If you have a cat larger than 15lbs/6.8kg or just want a larger bed:
    Love’s Cabin
  • If you have a shy or timid cat that is 15lbs/6.8kg or under and prefers snug places:
  • If you want a super cute bed with a great design and additional toys for your under 15lbs/6.8kg cat:
    Mora Pets Round
  • If you’re on a budget, or simply want a design that cat be placed anywhere in any size you desire:
    Mora Pets Mat

Thanks for reading, fellow lovers of cats and the color pink!