Best Fully Washable Dog Beds - 2020 Reviews

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Today, we’re going to go over washable dog beds and why not all of them are created equally.

Though a lot of dog beds out there claim to be fully machine washable, many dog beds require you to remove covers via velcro, zippers, ties, or otherwise. In actuality, they’re not always a simple process. Instead of simply tossing your dog’s bed into the washer and dryer, several additional steps may be required for the whole process.

In addition, low-cost dog beds can have cheap zippers, thin covers, and other materials that cut corners and break or tear fairly easily. And every time that you decide to wash your dog’s bed, you have to then go through the extra hassle of ensuring that the cover goes on correctly and nothing breaks in the process. 

…Which isn’t always the easiest process, as any dog owner would tell you. 

Thus, we’ve collected and reviewed some of the best fully machine washable dog beds out there for your convenience. All of these dog beds are fully washer and dryer friendly, and don’t come with any annoying zippers or removable covers. 

As I mentioned in my reviews of pink cat beds, my pets and I have a real fondness of these donut-shaped beds. And this donut style bed by MIXJOY is one of the most convenient washable dog beds out there right now.

The MIXJOY Orthopedic dog bed is my favorite washable dog bed for many reasons. To start, the level of comfort for your dog is unmatched. Compared to other styles of dog beds out there, the materials, head support, and warmth provided by these beds is far better for any design within their price range.

As an example, high-quality dog beds for large dogs that include a headrest tend to be sold for prices upwards of five or six times the cost of the the MIXJOY donut bed.

Secondly, there are a lot of donut style dog beds out there that require the outer portion to be removed via a zipper and cover. The MIXJOY dog bed is not one of them. It’s one of the only donut dog beds that can be thrown in its entirety directly into the washer and dryer.

This means that any time an accident occurs, your dog gets into something, or the dog bed starts smelling just a little too much for your tastes, you can simply throw the whole bed into the washer and dryer and have it clean and new again and again. It’s a really great convenience to have compared to other donut beds.

There are currently two versions of the dog bed available. The small dog bed is suitable for dogs up to 25lbs, and the medium can house dogs up to 45lbs. Sadly, the larger version of the MIXJOY is far more expensive than the small version, but I feel that the pros of the donut outweigh the cons in this case. 


  • Donut design provides fantastic neck and back support to any and all dogs
  • One of the only donut dog beds without zippers or covers
  • Dog bed keeps its texture and feel through multiple washes


  • For those with medium or large dogs, the larger version is considerably more expensive.

The second easily washable dog bed to appear on the list is the Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products. I feel it’s the best available washable dog bed for dog around 60 to 100lbs.

Typically, as the size of the bed increases, the likelihood of a cover and zipper being used also increases. There aren’t a whole lot of fully washable dog beds out there for dog breeds above 70lbs. 

The bagel dog bed is one of the only dog beds that you can toss into the washer despite its size. The reason for this is that the bed is full of high loft polyester, which easily moves and bends while washing. 

A lot of the high-quality dog beds for larger dogs will include a memory foam mattress inside a cover. The cover is the only part of these dogs beds that is typically machine washable. These dog beds are notably several times more expensive, and are not as convenient as tossing the whole thing in the wash. Hence, they’re considerably harder to upkeep and keep clean on a regular basis compared to the bagel dog bed.

The bagel dog bed comes in all sizes, but I think there are better options available for smaller dogs. Still, if you’re looking for a fully washable dog bed for your large dog, then the bagel dog bed is likely the one for you.


  • One of the only fully machine washable dog beds for larger breeds
  • Comfy, soft polyester fluff inside the bed
  • Supportive despite cheaper materials used compared to higher quality dog beds


  • Better options available for small to medium sized dogs
  • Not as supportive as memory foam dog beds, but a fraction of their costs

The third entry of the washable dog bed list is the ANWA Durable Dog Bed. Though this bed may look somewhat standard, ANWA makes cheap, efficient, and durable beds that last for quite a while.

The ANWA durable dog bed is great for dog owners on a budget. Neither the 24-inch nor the 30-inch sized dog beds are expensive, which makes either option perfect for any dog up to 60lbs. In fact, compared to the costs of some other washable dog beds out there, you get the most bed size out of your money out of your money with this one.

Best of all, the ANWA durable dog bed can easily be washed every week and still last years for some people. There aren’t any parts that can be shredded easily, but sometimes seams do wear down over time.

In any case, for the cost of some other dog beds out there, you can get multiple ANWA durable dog beds, making it one of the best washable dog beds in terms of value.


  • Cheap, soft, and durable
  • Won’t degrade easily even with regular wash cycles
  • Huge bed size compared to what you pay


  • Not as comfy nor supportive than pricier options
  • Largest bed option can only hold dogs up to 60lbs

The second bed create by ANWA to appear on the list is their washable dog crate bed. Like the previous bed, this is another one that is both cheap and durable.

The ANWA washable dog crate bed is by far one of the best beds for any dog that you’re intending to crate train. Alternatively, if you’ve crate trained your dog already and they now love their crate, it’s also a dog bed that can provide them with some of the best comfort and luxury available in a crate situation. 

To start with, the ANWA crate bed is much, much thicker than the majority of other crate beds. Whereas the majority of beds intended for crates tend to be thin mats with about an inch or so of padding, the ANWA crate bed is roughly 3.5 inches thick. 

Much like the previous ANWA bed, the crate bed version comes in multiple sizes. Unlike the previous bed, however, these sizes range from the smallest to the biggest of the dogs. Therefore, there is a size suitable for any dog regardless of size. Of course, the bigger sizes are a tad more pricey, but nothing like the price range of high-end dog beds.

In terms of durability, both this bed and the previous ANWA are alike in that department as well. Both beds are fairly durable and should last for quite a while, but tears do sometimes happen at the seams over time.

Overall, I’d recommend the ANWA washable dog crate bed to any people who are attempting to train a new addition to their household. Accidents are going to happen frequently, and you know you’ll love not having to constantly remove a cover over and over again when they do.


  • THICK padding compared to other crate beds
  • Offers sizes for any dog, small or large
  • Simple and cheap


  • May tear over time at the seams due to constant washing, but this typically happens after a lot of use

The final addition to the list is another washable dog bed intended primarily for crates. The JoicyCo Dog Crate Bed takes the final spot on the list for being the most durable of all the washable dog beds.

While the JoicyCo dog bed is not as thick as the ANWA above, it makes up this point to some people by being far more resilient. This crate dog bed can be washed hundreds if not thousands of times and still hold up fairly well.

And even though it’s not very thick, it’s still slightly thicker than lower quality mats, too. The JoicyCo adds a fairly adequate amount of padding to any dog crate. Enough that you really won’t have to worry about your dog’s comfort compared to some other mats.

Is it the most luxurious or comfortable? Not at all. But it’ll probably outlast nearly all other dog beds in its price range, and even many that are several times more expensive than it.

Lastly, the JoicyCo comes in three separate sizes to fit most small, medium, and large dog crates.

Due to the fact that it’s mostly unaffected by constant washes and dry cycles, we’d highly recommend considering the JoicyCo for crate training any dogs that have frequent accidents. It’d be perfect for puppies or older dogs incapable of holding their bladder while you’re out.


  • Durable, and will last far longer than most other beds out there
  • Holds up through hundreds of wash cycles
  • Great for house training a new puppy


  • Thin compared to other beds, but still thicker than low quality crate beds
  • Not the most comfortable, and will likely want to replace sometime after house training
  • Does not offer any additional support for your dog

What You Should Consider Before Choosing Your Washable Dog Bed

Qualities and Features to Consider Before Purchase

Here are some qualities and features that you may want to think about before you choose what washable dog bed is right for your dog.

  • Neck and Back Support: Does your dog need any additional support? As dogs age, it’s important to check if their health requires additional support. A flat mat may not be suitable for an elderly dog who needs something to rest his or her head on.
  • Seams and Inner Materials: Depending on the amount of seams, and the durability of these same seams, you may run into rips and tears in lower quality dog beds. Consider if it’s important to you to potentially shell out more to ensure your dog’s bed lasts, or if you’ll mend seams if they tear.
  • Dog Chewing and Scratching: If your dog tends to chew or scratch their beds often, you may need to look for a bed that won’t be destroyed by them. Many washable dog beds are solid, one piece units that aren’t intended for a dog to tear into.
  • House Training: If your dog isn’t house trained yet, then a washable dog bed is your best bet for them. You’ll be extremely relieved if all you have to do is toss the entire bed into the wash.
  • Size of Your Dog: Depending on how large your dog is, you may be severely limited in options of fully washable dog beds. If you have a very large dog, you may want to consider the pros and cons of going with a bed with or without a removable cover.
  • Your Dog’s Habits: The last thing you want to do is buy a dog bed that your dog won’t even use! In the end, you know your dog the best and are the only person capable of observing what they enjoy to lay on and what they don’t. 

Picking the Best Washable Dog Bed for Your Dog

As a quick recap, here are our short suggestions for you and your dog based on our reviews above. If you have any other questions or doubts, please feel free to reread any of the above reviews by clicking on any of these links placed here for you.

  • If you want a comfy donut styled bed that is designed for the majority of dogs: 
  • If you have a large dog and don’t want to deal with the hassles of removable covers that other large dog beds entail: 
  • If you want a cozy, standard bed that is sturdy and big for its cost:
    Anwa Durable Bed
  • If you have a dog that loves his or her crate and you want a thick, comfy bed for them:
    Anwa Crate Bed
  • If you’re training a puppy or have a dog that has frequent accidents and want a very durable crate bed made to last through lots of wash cycles:
    JoicyCo Crate Bed
I hope that you find the washable dog bed that makes your life easier, and your dog’s life comfier.

Thanks for reading, dog lovers!