Best Moon Chairs for Comfortable Indoor Living

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Best Moon Chairs for Your Bedroom or Living Room

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

The best moon chairs can really spruce up any room you place the in. They provide a comfortable space to game, read, study, watch television, or simply lounge around.  No matter where you are in your home, a moon chair (also known as a papasan chair) can be a great addition.

One of the greatest features of any moon chair is that they’re lightweight enough to move around the house. Unlike your heavy-duty accent chairs, recliners, or many wicker-style chairs, you can simply take your moon chair with you. In fact, many of the lower budget moon chairs even fold away whenever they’re not needed. They’re far more comfortable to sit in than your standard hard folding chair, too!

If you’re looking to purchase a moon chair of your own for your home, then read on. We’ve reviewed some of the best moon chairs out there, and ranked them by their best features below. Hopefully you’ll be able to read and decide which moon chair is the best pick for you after reading!

Moon Chairs (or Papasan Chairs) : Reviews

Our Top Pick: OSP Designs Papasan Moon Chair

First and foremost on the list is this particular chair by OSP Home Furnishings. This moon chair is hands-down one of the highest quality options available for the price point. 

The bottom base is made entirely out of metal and synthetic wicker design. Unlike lower cost moon chairs, this means that it should last quite a while longer. However, you will have to perform regular maintenance on the chair to ensure the screws and ball bearings don’t come loose. This is fairly normal with the majority of papasan and moon chair designs, however, and is one of the main drawbacks to many of them.

Additionally, this particular moon chair has a weight limit of 200 pounds. However, I’d recommend no more weight than around 160-170 pounds, since being closer to the weight limit means the screws and ball bearings become loose far more quickly. If you don’t mind keeping some tools around nearby to retighten them when they become loose, then it’s not as big a deal though.

Lastly, the cushion is comfortable enough. You can feel the bottom bars throw the cushion a tad, but this is once again a fairly normal thing with most papasan and moon chairs. If it’s a tad too uncomfortable to you, I’d strongly recommend adding a pillow or additional cushion so you won’t have to feel the bar at all to any of the moon chairs on this list. All in all, the OSP Designs moon chair has some flaws, but it’s still one of the better ones out there.

Major Features to Note

  • Weight limit of up to 200 pounds.
  • Bottom base made of metal and synthetic wicker mesh, and looks fabulous.
  • Cushion is comfortable enough and above the standard for moon chairs, but you’ll likely still want an additional cushion if you don’t like the feeling of the bars below you.
  • Sturdy and durable with routine maintenance to ensure screws are tightly fastened.
  • Pets also love the coziness of the round moon chair design.
  • Weighs 29 pounds with the metal frame. Still easily portable around your house, but this one will not fold down.
  • Available in seven colors currently.

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  • Available in many different colors depending on your preference
  • Moon chair complete with base look stunning in any room you place it in
  • Cushion is generous compared to lower cost brands, but you may still want additional padding if you’re sensitive to the bars below


  • Requires maintenance to ensure it doesn’t deteriorate with use, which is normal across most moon chairs
  • Weight limit of 200 pounds is a little on the small side, and people who weigh close to the limit will have to pay close attention to maintenance

Widest Moon Chair: Papasan Dorm Sofa by DormCo

Next on the list, we have a double moon chair style sofa made by DormCo. It’s by far the largest option available on the list, and one that many college-age students use as a cheaper alternative to a sofa within their dorm rooms or apartments.

This particular sofa-style moon chair is a great option for anyone wanting to save space as well. Due to the metal legs, the entire sofa is foldable. This makes it easy to store out of the way when you need the additional room space. 

Sadly, despite the increased size, the weight limit of the entire sofa is still only 200 pounds in total. Metal foldable legs such as these tend to bend when heavier weights are applied to them. This means that it’s still only ideal for a single adult, or two kids, at most.

The sofa moon chair also only currently comes in this pink color. I’m not sure why there aren’t any other colors available, but for some men, having a pink and black moon chair is a definitive deal-breaker. For others, it may not be as big a deal, but it’s still worth considering.

 As with all moon chairs, I strongly recommend adding some couch pillows, or other additional padding to help make this sofa moon chair be as comfortable as possible. The microfiber cushions included aren’t shabby at all, but you’ll be happy with additional cushions nonetheless.

Major Features to Note

  • Weight limit of 200 pounds despite the increased size still means it’s only capable of seating a single adult.
  • The only color available for this sofa moon chair is pink with a black backing.
  • Can be folded away when not in use to save space when required.
  • Far larger and wider than traditional moon chairs including all others on this list.
  • Cushion is affixed to the metal bars, and cannot be replaced.
  • Microfiber cushion is comfortable, and the overall build is sturdy, but I’d also recommend additional cushions and couch pillows for that extra bit of comfort and homeliness anyway.

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  • Largest moon chair available without spending hundreds if not thousands more
  • Pink and black colors look really nice to those it appeals to
  • Easily folded away when not in use to same space in small spaces such as dorms, single rooms, or studio apartments


  • Weight limit of 200 pounds means that the extended sofa moon chair design can still only seat a single adult despite being larger than other chairs

Highest Weight Capacity: ALPHA CAMP Deluxe Plush Moon Saucer Chair

The third option on the list is this next moon chair by ALPHA CAMP. The company is known for its many quality outdoor products, and this particular moon chair is no exception. It’s the only option on the list to be able to be used both inside and outside your home without any issues.

In addition, it also boasts the highest total weight limit out of any of the moon chairs on this entire list. The plush moon chair can hold up to a whopping 350 pound weight limit, making it ideal for any men and women on the large or tall sides. Nearly every other moon chair is only capable of holding between 200 and 225 pounds, so it’s a nice choice for anyone who weighs more than what the standard moon chair can tolerate.

The chair is also ridiculously plush and comfortable. It’s one of the few moon chairs out there that we feel doesn’t require any additional cushions. They’d still make your experience more comfortable though!

The chair is large enough to hold nearly any adult of any size without any issue. Smaller adults below five and a half feet can even curl up inside the chair if they so desire. It’s actually really big for a moon chair! 

Lastly, due to the camping chair design, it’s another chair that can be folded up and stored anywhere within your home. Plus, it only weighs 13 pounds, so anyone can move it around with ease. 

Major Features to Note

  • Five color choices to choose from.
  • Weight limit of 350 pounds makes it the highest available option on the list, and the ideal choice for anyone who weighs more than 200 pounds.
  • Plush material over the sturdy metal legs is all fantastically well-built, especially for a chair that can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • Fairly inexpensive for the materials, size, and features offered.
  • Lightweight chair weighing in at only 13 pounds.

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  • Can easily seat any adults on the larger side without any issue due the large size and 350 pound weight limit
  • Very nice, plush padding means you don’t really have to add additional padding 
  • Lightweight and foldable design makes it easy to take it anywhere you go


  • Camping chair design may not be for everyone aesthetically

Large, Budget-Friendly Option: Urban Shop Oversized Mongolian Moon Chair

In the fourth spot, we have the second cheapest option available on this entire list. This Mongolian moon chair made by Urban Shop is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a larger moon chair and doesn’t want to spend much purchasing one.

However, there are a few drawbacks to going with this large budget chair. Firstly, the metal legs of the frame will bend with time even if you weigh less than half the weight limit of the chair. Speaking of which, the weight limit of this moon chair is 225 pounds, which makes it not ideal for larger men and women despite the increased size.

Secondly, the metal is noticeable even under the plush design of the cushion. You’ll definitely want to purchase an extra pillow or cushion to place on top of the chair if you don’t want to feel that a distinct metal piece right under you at all times. 

Additionally, the faux fur padding doesn’t feel like other faux fur furniture we’ve tested. It’s more like a plush microfiber than the faux fur the manufacturer claims. Still, it’s plenty comfortable for what it is.

All in all, it’s still not a bad choice if you understand that you may have to replace it between six to eighteen months down the road each time. The chair is massive for shorter men and women, and it’s possible that people with lower weights will allow the chair to last much longer than we experienced.

Major Features to Note

  • Eight different colors to choose from currently.
  • Material of the cushion is faux fur, though it feels more like plush microfiber to us.
  • Large circular moon chair with a weight limit of 225 pounds makes it ideal for most average and shorter adults.
  • May degrade with time due to the nature of the foldable metal legs.
  • Will require additional padding to get the most out of it.
  • Can be folded away when not in use.

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  • Very inexpensive compared to other moon chairs out there
  • Eight different colors to choose from depending on what you desire
  • Oversized design is great for anyone who wants a space they can both sit in or curl into


  • Will require additional padding most likely
  • May degrade and bend over time due to the cheaper metal legs

Best Value: Urban Shop Small Moon Chair

In the fifth and final spot of the list, we have the final moon chair. This is the second of the two Urban Shop moon chairs to be featured, and the smaller of the pair.

This smaller moon chair shares a lot of similarities with its oversized cousin above. They both use the same style of foldable metal chairs and frame. Plus, they both use similar faux fur materials that feel more like microfiber. They even have the same weight limit at 225 pounds. And, they both come in many different color combinations for your choosing.

The main difference comes from the different sizes. The previous chair is roughly 1.5 times as large as this one, and has a price that represents that difference, too.

If you’re not someone who really minds the smaller size, then you can save a lot purchasing this smaller moon chair. It’s anywhere between a half to a third the cost of any other option on this entire list.

Be warned, however, that like the previous chair, this one also tends to bend over time, even if you don’t weigh anywhere close to the weight limit. If you don’t mind purchasing a chair that may only last you six to nine months each and every time it breaks, then it’s not a big deal. For many people, however, you may want to consider splurging a little extra to get a slightly higher quality moon chair instead.

Still, at its price point, this one definitely provides the best value, dollar for dollar.

Major Features to Note

  • Currently has ten different color options to choose from depending on which color is your favorite
  • Weight limit of 225 pounds makes it great for most average and smaller adults, and nearly all children.
  • Extremely inexpensive, especially when compared to any other moon chair out there.
  • Doesn’t take up much space, and can be easily folded out of the way whenever desired.

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  • Extremely low priced in comparison to all other moon chairs
  • Ten different color options to choose from gives anyone a lot of choices to make
  • Perfect for children, smaller adults, and anyone who needs a chair that won’t take up a ton of space


  • Will likely degrade over time, and you may have to repurchase that chair every 6-12 months due to this

Picking the Best Moon Chair for You

Still not sure which of the above moon chairs is the right choice for you? No worries! We’ve written some of the summarized main features as to why each of the above moon chairs might be the best for every different person’s needs and wants below.

With that, I hope that you’ve been able to make the right choice of which moon chair is the right one for you!

Thanks for reading, moon chair lovers!