Best Kotatsu Table: Yamazen ESK-751 Review

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Best Kotatsu Table: Yamazen ESK-751 Review

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

One of the fall and winter staples in Japanese home furnishings, the Kotatsu table is one of those pieces of furniture you just wish was popular worldwide. A kotatsu table is an electric, heated table that uses a blanket to trap heat underneath its surface. The Japanese save hundreds of dollars on electricity costs due to these tables. 

They’re comfortable, safe, energy-efficient, and even pets love them!

Which brings us to the point of this particular article. The best Kotatsu table that we’ve personally tried out is the Yamazen ESK-751. It’s one of the only kotatsu tables to be widely available outside of Japan, and is a fantastic introduction to the wonders of heated electric tables in general.

Below, we’ll go over the different features of the Yamazen ESK-751 and what makes it the best kotatsu table overall in our eyes.

Yamazen ESK-751: Quick Review

Yamazen’s ESK-751 Heated Kotatsu Table

The Yamazen ESK-751 has a plethora of features detailed throughout this article that we love! For this particular section, we’ve summarized the key points into one convenient location for those who don’t have the time to read through everything.

Major Features to Note

  • Power consumption on the highest setting measures to approximately 0.3 kilowatts per hour.
  • Easily warms up the area under the table and blanket no matter what heat settings you have it set to.
  • Comfortable and warm enough to lounge under the table for hours (and occasionally accidentally sleep). Very difficult to leave the comfort of the warmth it provides, too!
  • Safe enough for pets to enjoy as well with supervision.
  • Requires a 1000W Japanese watt converter for optimal usage.
  • Kotatsu blanket is not included, but you can simply use any blanket a home instead, too.
  • Quick and easy assembly involving simple installation of the four legs.

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Yamazen ESK-751: Full Review

In this next section, we’ll be going over the features we love about this kotatsu table in detail below.

Electricity Consumption

The average household electric heater uses a whopping 1.5 kilowatts per hour. Over the course of usage in a mere eight hours, this amounts to anywhere from an extra $2 to $4 a day.

Kotatsu, in comparison, typically cap out at around 0.3 kilowatts per hour when running at full capacity.

In Japan, and Tokyo especially, the cost of electricity is comparable to large cities like Los Angeles in kilowatt hour costs. Therefore, in the colder winter months, Kotatsu are a perfect solution for single people and couples to keep warm and insulated when indoors.

The Yamazen ESK-751 can save you up to $2-3 dollars every day in electricity costs if used in lieu of an electric heater.

Sustainable Heat

For the very best results, you may want to consider purchasing a dedicated kotatsu table futon such as this one by Azumaya. A dedicated kotatsu table futon blanket will help in keeping as much heat trapped under the table as possible

However, a kotatsu futon is not necessary to enjoy the Yamazen kotatsu table. While the kotatsu futon blankets help make the table more efficient, you can use any blanket you have around the house easily instead. Anything from a microfiber throw blanket to your favorite comforter can easily be used to trap heat and enjoy the kotatsu table, too.

Even with the lightest of blankets, you’ll experience a delightfully warm sensation each time you enter your blanket. And the desire to never leave the blanket afterwards, too!

Reversible Tabletop

One of the features of this particular kotatsu table that we love so much is the fact that the tabletop is completely reversible. 

In the summer months when you’re not likely to use the heating functionality nearly as much, you have the option to choose from a darker hue top, or a light grey surface instead.

The kotatsu table looks beautiful enough to keep in your home as a decorative piece even when you don’t have the blanket and heating going.

Simple to Use

Unlike some other Japanese products that require basic understanding of the Japanese language or a quick translation to use, the Yamazen Kotatsu table only has a single switch to turn the heat on or off.

Thus, the table is simple enough to use for anyone. Even your children or grandparents can easily enjoy the heat provided by the kotatsu table with no issue.

Converter Required

The Yamzen ESK-751 is sourced straight from Japan, and uses the native Japanese power requirements of 120W. As the United States (or Europe) use different voltages, a step-down transformer is necessary to operate the kotatsu table safely over time.

We recommend going with a 1000W converter for the best experiment, as the kotatsu table runs up to 0.3 kilowatts per hour. A 500W converter may also be fine, but it’s pushing the limit of the smaller transformer.

Small, Compact Size

Contrary to the looks of the images, the kotatsu table is on the small size overall. It’s intended for generally only a single person, but you can easily accommodate up to three or four people under the kotatsu without much issue. And maybe even six people if you don’t mind tangled limbs!

The small, compact size makes the kotatsu table ideal for saving money in the colder months while living in a dorm, apartment, small house, or otherwise. Though, if you live alone, then it’s an excellent addition to any size home.

Quick and Easy Assembly

In terms of assembly, this kotatsu table was by far the easiest kotatsu table to set up and get going within minutes. 

The only assembly necessary is simply attaching the legs with the included bolts and tools. It took us about three minutes in total.

After that, all you have to do is plug the kotatsu table into the convertor and turn it on!

Final Thoughts on the Yamazen ESK-751

All in all, the Yamazen ESK-751 is by far the best kotatsu table for Western outside of Japan. Its ease of use coupled with the simple assembly and electricity savings easily make it a no-brainer for any household looking to cut heat costs by huddling under a nice, warm, and toasty blanket together!

Thanks for reading, heat lovers!