Best Rattan and Wicker Chairs

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Best Rattan and Wicker Chairs
for Inside and Outside Your Home

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

Chairs made from rattan or other wicker materials have been making a resurgence in style for the past few years. The craze for ditching the classic, solid wooden chairs and replacing them with durable wicker and rattan chairs is going strong.

And why shouldn’t it be? Wicker and rattan chairs make for perfect accent points for both inside and outside your home. They add style in rooms that look a little on the drab side, and naturally draw your attention to them due to standing out so much compared to your standard dining room chair. 

Wicker and rattan chairs are durable, sturdy, and generally some of the most well-made chairs you can purchase. They require a completely different craftsman than your standard carpenter due to the fact that weaving isn’t in their typical repertoire. 

If you’re in love with the style of wicker and rattan chairs, then you’ll be happy to continue reading on. We’ve reviewed some of the best rattan and wicker chairs you can purchase at various price points, and chosen our favorites for your consideration below.

Rattan and Wicker Chairs: Reviews

Our Top Pick: Christopher Knight Home’s Wicker Teardrop Chair

The first of the wicker and rattan chairs on the list is this beautiful teardrop chair made by Christopher Knight Home. Their company produces and sells hundreds of various furniture pieces for both inside and outside your home. The majority of their mid-tier furniture is made and designed by household experts, too.

This particular chair uses wicker material over a steel frame. The wicker used is made to be able to resist sunlight, rain, and any other harsh weather, which makes it a great choice for people to want a fantastic outdoor patio chair. The included cushion is also completely waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about deterioration. Due to its design, it’s a great choice for being the focal point of your patio.

However, many people also use the chair indoors, too. It’s small and light enough that you can choose to place it anywhere inside or outside your home. The cozy oval shape makes it great for placing the chair in your favorite reading spot with your home. It’s comfortable enough with the cushion to sit in the chair and read and relax for hours a day.

However, it does require a little bit of assembly before you can use it. Luckily, this is a fairly simple and straightforward process that shouldn’t take more than ten to twenty minutes to do, and all the tools are included. Go through the provided instructions and you should have no problems at all.

Major Features to Note

  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors based on what you prefer.
  • Wicker and cushion material are made to withstand harsh weather without issue.
  • Comfortable enough to lounge around in for hours, if desired.
  • Beautiful teardrop design makes the chair one that stands out much more than classic chairs.
  • Pets also love the design and cozy nature of the closed-in teardrop chair!

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  • Can be your favorite addition to your patio set or your favorite chair inside your home
  • Beautiful teardrop design makes it enticing and cozy to lounge around in
  • Cushions and wicker material around the steel frame can resist bad weather fairly well


  • If you’re especially tall, you may feel the teardrop design is a hindrance and not as comfortable as you’d like it to be

Luxury Option for Two: Island Gale Luxury Two-Person Wicker Swing Chair

This second option is by far the most expensive, luxury addition on the list. Island Gale is a prominent luxury outdoor furniture supplier that deals with dozens of swings, patio sets, outdoor fire pits, and other furniture that spice up your front and back yard. This swing for two people is one of our favorite pieces of their outdoor furniture lineup.

Like the teardrop chair above, this couple’s swing is perfect for any outdoor setup. If you and your significant other want somewhere you can both relax outside in the sun together, then it’s the perfect addition to any yard. The wicker material and cushion lining are both using materials that protect them from sunlight bleaching, rain, snow, and other elements. This makes the swing chair for two very low maintenance.

In terms of sizing, two full-grown adults and even a dog or two could easily fit on the swing together. The maximum weight limit is nearly 600 pounds, so most couples will have no issues lounging around in the chair together. It’s spacious enough that you don’t even have to be in direct contact if you don’t want to!

In addition, since the stand and poles are included with the purchase, you can choose to place the swing indoors as well if you so desire. Even if you’re not an outdoorsy person, you can still be seated in the swing comfortably inside your own home.

There isn’t any notable assembly required in the build. The cushion and hanging basket come together as one piece, so the only things you’ll have to install are the poles to the swing’s base. The tools for this are included in the purchase. Otherwise, you’ll simply need a little bit of manpower to get this off the ground.

Major Features to Note

  • Easily seats two full-grown adults, and even dogs or cats with them, too!
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors and can be placed wherever you desire due to coming with a base stand for the swing set.
  • Weight limit of 600 pounds means most couples can be seated together on the swing with no issues.
  • Hanging basket of the couple’s swing measures 58.27 x 48.81 x 26.56 inches.
  • Resists all weather and requires minimal maintenance even if kept outdoors all year round.
  • Doesn’t require any anchor points for outdoor use, unless you want to hang the swing without the included stand.

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  • Only option on the list that can comfortably seat two full-grown adults
  • Three separate cushion colors to choose from depending on what your favorite is
  • Luxury looks, materials, and quality, especially for the price point


  • Expensive compared to some other swings and chairs on this list

Best Wicker Swing for One: Modway Abate Rattan-Weave Swing Chair

The next option to choose on this list is this particular rattan swing chair by Modway. Although we prefer the overall quality and build of the previous chair far more, if you’re only intending on purchasing a swing for one, then this Modway is a perfect solution for you that can save a lot of money.

To start, this Modway rattan swing chair uses a combination of steel and rattan weaves as its main materials. It’s just as durable and water resistant as the previous two chairs, which makes it another great contender for being your favorite outdoor patio chair if so desired.

For this particular rattan swing chair, you can choose between purchasing it with or without a stand. Please note, however, that you will definitely have to anchor the swing to your home if you wish to use it outdoors without the stand. Purchasing the chair without the stand is significantly cheaper, however, and the swing chair looks much better without it outside.

However, if you wish to use it indoors or don’t have a suitable anchor point to hang it, then I’d highly recommend the stand option. It’s incredibly easy to set up and hang from the stand within minutes, and durable enough for a single person using it inside or outside.

Major Features to Note

  • Three different cushion colors to choose from.
  • Weight limit of 265 pounds for a single person.
  • Cushion, steel, and rattan weave are all weather and sunlight resistant.
  • Can be purchased with or without the stand, depending on whether you wish to anchor it to your home or not.
  • Dimensions of rattan swing chair measure 40 x 47 x 78 inches in total.

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  • Beautiful chair that can be used inside or outside with or without the stand
  • Excellent choice for a single person
  • Rattan weave and steel frame combination makes it especially durable


  • Not as nice as the previous swing chair for two, but significantly cheaper
  • Cushion is a tad difficult to remove and clean sometimes

Classic Accent Chair Option: East at Main Franklin Living Room Rattan Accent Chair

Next, we have the fourth option to appear on the list. This pure rattan Franklin Accent Chair made by East at Main is the next chair on the list, and the only chair to be made of one hundred perfect natural rattan.

Sourced straight from Indonesian rattan, and hand-crafted using the material, the accent chair is a perfect addition to any dining or living room. However, as it’s made from pure rattan, this makes it intended for indoor use only. Natural rattan decays outside over time as it’s not intended to get wet nor is it protected from the elements like wicker or partially synthetic rattan is.

Out of all the chairs on the list, this one is also the most classic in design. Nearly every other chair pops out in a unusual or pointedly obvious way. For those who don’t like swing chairs, or other contemporary designs, this accent chair may be something that appeals far more to you.

Compared to cheaper dining room set chairs, this accent chair will stand out a lot more in any area of the house that you place it in.


Major Features to Note

  • Comes in three separate stained rattan colors that you may choose from.
  • Made from pure Indonesia-sourced rattan material. No synthetic material used.
  • Dimensions of the rattan accent chair measure 24 x 27 x 43 inches.
  • As it’s made from pure rattan, this chair cannot be used outside. Pure rattan will degrade over time due to weather, unlike high-duty wicker and synthetic materials used in outdoor furniture.

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  • 100% pure rattan weave sourced directly from Indonesia
  • Beautiful accent chair that stands out no matter what room it’s placed in
  • Three different color options to choose from: natural rattan, darker brown wash, or grey wash


  • Cannot be used outdoors at all, as it’s made from pure rattan that’ll degrade with bad weather

Papasan Chair Option: OSP Designs Wicker Papasan Chair

In the fifth slot, we have the first and only papasan chair to appear on the list by OSP Designs. This particular chair is a comfortable and great option for an indoor lounging chair.

First and foremost, let’s go over the one major drawback that’ll put many people off the chair. It’s smaller than you you would think, and had a weight limit of only 200 pounds. This makes it not such a great option for bigger and taller people, but it’s still a great choice for women and less stocky men. 

Otherwise, the materials used are your standard steel frame and wicker material over the steel. The base is sturdy and weighty enough to feel secure and durable. It also has the ability to rotate 360 degrees around, too.

As it’s on the smaller side, it’s great for people living in apartments, dorms, and other small rooms. It’s provides a cozy and comfortable space even if you don’t have a lot of space to spare. 

Lastly, this particular papasan chair comes in around eight different colors currently. No matter what your favorite color is, or what colors you intend for your room, you can likely choose the color that best fits your needs.

Major Features to Note

  • Eight different color options to fit any of your aesthetics. 
  • Weight limit of 200 pounds.
  • Dimensions of the product measure 38 x 36.5 x 31 inches.
  • Doesn’t take up much space.

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  • Eight different colors to choose from that’ll fit most rooms without issue
  • Comfortable papasan chair with steel and wicker material
  • Perfect for dorms, apartments, and other small spaces


  • The weight limit of 200 pounds and small size make it not so great for taller or stockier people

Budget Pick: Flash Furniture Valencia Rattan Lounge Chair

Lastly, we have this budget-friendly synthetic rattan chair by Flash Furniture. The company is known for their very cost efficient products. They’re not as fancy or well-made as some other options on the job, but for those on a limited budget, they can be the perfect option regardless.

This particular chair by Flash Furniture uses a synthetic rattan weave for the outer portion of the circular frame. The inner portion is made from flexible bungee cords, which makes for a fairly comfortable seating arrangement. However, the bungee cord chair may not be for everyone.

Still, for the low price point compared to every other chair in this list, it’s great for students and young adults who may not have the same kind of money coming in that their elders do. It’s also another chair that can be used both inside and outside without any problems, so those living in an apartment with a balcony can get the best of both worlds.

Lastly, it’s another chair that’s also fairly small and compact compared to other wicker and rattan chairs out there. This, again, makes it great for anyone living in a dorm, apartment, or single room out there.

Major Features to Note

  • Comfortable, bungee-cord chair to sit within.
  • Steel frame and synthetic rattan weave design.
  • Lightweight chair weighing in at only 13 pounds.
  • Perfect, budget choice for young adults and students without much disposable income.

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  • Eight different colors to choose from that’ll fit most rooms without issue
  • Comfortable papasan chair with steel and wicker material
  • Perfect for dorms, apartments, and other small spaces


  • The weight limit of 200 pounds and small size make it not so great for taller or stockier people

Frequently Asked Questions About Wicker and Rattan Chairs

Can Wicker Chairs be Used Outside?

Generally speaking, absolutely. Wicker chairs are a perfect solution to being your ideal outdoor accent chairs due to typically being stained, washed, and protected with additional synthetic materials and protective layers. 

This makes them great for being low-maintenance chairs, swings, and any other seating arrangements that aren’t a hassle to keep outside all year round. 

However, some chairs will come with cushions that will need to be put away in terrible weather. This varies from chair to chair. Some will have cushions that are fine to stay outside no matter what natural element hits them.

Are Wicker Chairs Waterproof?

The majority of wicker chairs are waterproof and safe to leave outside all year round no matter how much rain, snow, hail, or any other weather elements hit them. This is because most outdoor wicker chair manufacturers do sufficient waterproofing on their chairs for their intended uses.

Wicker chairs that aren’t sufficiently waterproofed, however, can degrade over time if they are constantly overly saturated. Light rain won’t do much to them, but heavy rain can damage wicker chairs that aren’t already waterproofed. 

Are Rattan Chairs Waterproof?

Most rattan chairs made from pure rattan are not waterproof. Unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer, or made from synthetic rattan material instead of natural wood, do not allow your rattan furniture to become overly saturated. It’ll get damaged if you do!

Can Rattan Chairs be Used Outside?

This depends purely on whether the chair uses a synthetic, partial or full polypropylene or otherwise, rattan weave. If the material of the chair is pure rattan without any additional protective agents or materials, then it’s not suitable for being used outdoors.

Natural rattan is not intended to get wet like waterproof wicker materials are, so it’s not a great idea to place a pure rattan chair outdoors unless you want to add the work of bringing it indoors every time it’s not in use.

However, synthetic rattan weaves are generally completely fine to be used outdoors. Steel frames and polypropylene rattan weaves make for durable, weather-resistant chairs that resist snow, rain, and UV rays from sunlight without any problems for the most part.

What’s the Difference Between Wicker and Rattan Chairs?

Wicker chairs are generally made from soaking different pieces of wood in water to make the malleable enough to weave. They can then be bent wand weaved into any design of chair afterwards. Staining, washing, and combining them with other materials makes them durable and generally suited for both indoor and outdoor use.

On the other hand, rattan is a naturally occurring materials for chairs that does not require to be soaked before being bent. It can simply be weaved from the moment it’s harvested. Thus, natural rattan is not as outdoor-proof as wicker is. It will definitely degrade with bad weather a lot quicker than wicker, unless it’s partially or fully made from a synthetic rattan material instead.

Picking the Wicker or Rattan Chair for You

If you’ve finished reading all of the above reviews for each of the wicker and rattan chairs above and haven’t come to a decision of which is best for you, then this last part is for you. We’ve summarized the main points of each of the above chairs into one convenient list below.

I hope you can come to a conclusion as to which of the above chairs is the right choice for you now!

Thanks for reading, wicker and rattan chair lovers!