Best 2-Seater Sofa for Every Single Living Room

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When we think of the perfect living room setup, many people opt to go with a deluxe all-in-one living room furniture set or a massive sectional couch complete with additional recliners and chairs, ottoman, coffee tables, and any number of other pieces making up your living room. But the center piece of every cozy, modern living room is without a doubt the sofa. A 2-seater sofa is a perfect piece of furniture to provide countless hours of enjoyment to any couple or small family.

However, there are many 2-seater sofas out there. Whether they’re contemporary, or intentionally look dated for that perfect mid-century aesthetic, there are so many 2-seater sofas to choose from that it can become confusing really quickly for many couch shoppers. Choosing and comparing between hundreds and thousands of different options can cause quite the headache.

And that’s where we come in. We at Delicious Comfort have tested and reviewed tons of 2-seater sofas and selected only the best of them for your selection. Our goal is to assist you in choosing the ideal 2-seater sofa for your own, particular living room based on what you value the most. Below, you’ll find our top picks and why we’ve selected them in each of their individual reviews.

The Best 2-Seater Sofa: Reviews

First up on the list and our unanimous top pick is this 2-seater sofa by the furniture producer Stone & Beam. Stone & Beam is an online furniture company dedicated to creating lines of high-quality furniture at reasonable prices for small and large families.

The primary reason why their Laruen 2-seater sofa model was chosen to be the best choice for most people is due to the ridiculous amount of padding that the down-filled cushions provide. If you’re someone that is looking for a sofa that you can sink into for hours on end, then this is likely the ideal one for you. In fact, while reviewing the sofa, some of our testers even unintentionally fell asleep while sitting on it!

Both the bottom and back cushions are filled with a down and feather hybrid material. No matter how much or how little you weigh, you’ll notice how soft the couch is as you sink down into it. However, if you’re someone who prefers their couch to have more firmness to support you, then I’d suggest against going with this particular couch.

The contemporary design also goes well in nearly every modern family home. You don’t have to think too much on the composition of your living room and whether or not this 2-seater sofa will match with the rest of your furniture.

Lastly, it’s available in two different sizes and seven different colors. Two of these color options replace the fabric cover of the couch with leather, if desired. However, please note that leather is far more expensive than the polyester cover material.

Major Features to Note

  • Available in two different 2-seater sofa sizes: 74″ and 89″.
  • Dimensions of the 74″ sofa measure 74″ x 45″ x 37″. The 89″ 2-seater sofa measures 89″ x 45″ x 37″.
  • Available in five different polyester cover colors and two leather color options.
  • Designed to have the maximum amount of softness and seat depth out of any of the couches on this list, which makes it the ideal choice for those who love sinking into their couches.
  • Ultra soft down and feather materials used inside both the bottom and back cushions.
  • No assembly is needed as the sofa is delivered in one piece.


  • The most ideal solution for any person or family that loves to sit and sink down into their soft, deep sofa
  • Contemporary design and color options allow for the 2-seater sofa to fit into any modern family home
  • Cushions are by far the most soft and comfortable of any couch on the list


  • If you’re someone who needs more firmness in their couch, look elsewhere!

Second on the list is our choice for the best 2-seater leather sofa available. The Andrews sofa model by Rivet is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants a high-quality leather sofa for a fair price. Like Stone & Beam, Rivet is another online furniture producer that is dedicated to creating high-end furniture for far less than the name brand competition. 

The Andrews 2-seater leather sofa gets our top leather sofa pick for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, every single sofa is created with quality top-grain natural leather. Every single 2-seater sofa is unique due to this, and no two sofas will ever be exactly the same. 

In addition, the amount of leather color options is also a great feature here, too. If you’re not a fan of the traditional black leather sofa, then you can choose between cognac and dark brown leathers as well.

The leather seating on this one is fairly firm this time around. The leather is soft enough to sit on the 2-seater sofa comfortably, but still provides a considerable amount of firm resistance and support. Especially in comparison to the our top pick at number one. Combined with the hardwood frame underneath the cushions, this is one sturdy 2-seater sofa.

Lastly, as this is another very contemporary piece, the Andrews model 2-seater sofa should be able to fit nicely in any modern home. The high-quality leather used is perfect even in households with dogs and cats, as it won’t deteriorate as easily as cheaper leather sofas either.

Major Features to Note

  • Available in three different leather color options: black, dark brown, and cognac.
  • Also available in two separate 2-seater sofa sizes based on your preference and size of your living room: 67 inches and 82 inches.
  • The 67 inch sofa measures 67″ x 37″ x 36″ and the 82″ 2-seater sofa option measures 82″ x 37″ x 36″.
  • Every single couch is made entirely with top-quality natural leather, and each piece is made with its own unique leather markings due to this.
  • Competes with name brand leather furniture makers for a fraction of the cost.
  • Zero assembly required. The 2-seater sofa comes in one complete piece.


  • Top-grain natural leather used in production is durable, and should last beyond what you’d expect
  • Three different leather color options to choose from depending on your preference
  • Contemporary design makes it usable in any modern living room without worrying about matching the rest of the furniture


  • A tad on the expensive side due to the high-quality leather used, but still far cheaper than any name brand options

If you’re looking for a more dated, mid-century design to make up the centerpiece of your living room experience, then this second leather 2-seater sofa by Rivet might be just what you’re looking for. Whereas the Andrews was their contemporary approach, the Aiden takes it back seven decades for all of you old leather sofa design lovers.

The Aiden is another great leather option by Rivet. It shares many of the features as the Andrews aside from design. The Aiden comes in the same signature three colors of high-quality leather that all of Rivet’s sofas do. And since each piece is made with all-natural leather, no two Aiden sofas will be exactly the same either.

In addition, the Aiden comes with two additional side cushions added as part of the mid-century design. For comparison’s sake, the name brand options in similar styles to the Aiden cost roughly $3000 or more. Granted, these higher priced options are generally a tad more durable, but at over double to triple the cost, the Aiden is a much stronger contender in my eyes.

One potential drawback, however, is the lack of back cushioning. For anyone who loves to slink back into their sofas, you may notice that the back of the couch isn’t as comfortable as some of the other designs by Rivet. If you absolutely want this particular model, I’d suggest adding additional couch cushions for a little better support.

In any case, the Aiden is a solid choice for a mid-century look that typically costs less than half of any competitor’s costs. If you don’t mind the firm back, then it can be a great aesthetically pleasing center 2-seater sofa in any living room.

Major Features to Note

  • Three different leather color options to choose from: cognac, dark brown, and black leather.
  • Two additional side cushions on either side of the 2-seater sofa’s bench added as part of the design.
  • Two different 2-seater sofa options to choose from: 74″ and 86.6″.
  • Dimensions of the 74″ sofa measure 74″ x 36.2″ x 30.3″ and the 86.6″ 2-seater sofa option measures 86.6″ x 36.2″ x 30.3″.
  • All-natural leather used in production means that no two Aiden models will be exactly the same.
  • Solid, durable, and firm design makes it great for those who like their sofas to be on the more firm side of things.
  • The legs of the couch require a short assembly process to attach before use.


  • Beautiful, mid-century design at less than half the cost of similar name brand options
  • Three different leather colors to choose from to fit your living room dreams
  • High-quality natural leather and wood used in every single production


  • Back support may be lacking for some people, especially when compared to contemporary Rivet options

The fourth 2-seater sofa option to choose from on the list, and my personal favorite in terms of looks is this Stone & Beam Bradbury model. Stone & Beam takes on the classic Chesterfield sofa design with this one, and the results are in my opinion fantastic.

The Bradbury 2-seater sofa is a great couch for many reasons. It stands out far more than both your classic sofas and your more contemporary ones. The design catches the eye from the moment anyone locks onto it, making it the perfect conversational piece for when you have guests over.

Like the above leather sofa options, this 2-seater sofa also runs on the firm side. The bottom cushions, however, are far deeper than either of the previous two couches and are great again for people who love to sink down into their couch. However, the back cushions do not operate the same and are definitely there for people who prefer back support instead.

The Bradbury model is also available in the signature three leathers alongside five different colors options that we’ve learned to expect from either of the two online furniture companies. For the purpose of this review, we reviewed the polyester and nylon cushioned 2-seater sofa instead of the leather options.

Regardless, the Stone & Beam Bradbury is another great 2-seater sofa option for anyone wishing to own a couch that’s both comfortable and stands out compared to the sofas of their peers. 

Major Features to Note

  • Chesterfield design stands out compared to both modern and other mid-century designs.
  • Available in two different 2-seater sofa sizes: 79″ and 93″ sofas.
  • Dimensions of the 79″ sofa measure 78.7″ x 39″ x 30.3″. The 93″ 2-seater sofa model measures 92.9″ x 39″ x 30.3″.
  • Can choose between five polyester-nylon colors or three additional leather materials depending on what your ideal couch preferences are.
  • Requires minimal assembly in the form of attaching the legs, though this takes less than five minutes altogether.


  • The Chesterfield design of the Bradbury is beautiful and stands out amongst all 2-seater sofas
  • Perfect mesh of firm and soft between the back and bottom cushions for anyone that likes their comfort to be somewhere in the middle
  • Great conversational piece that can easily be the focal point of any living room furniture set


  •  Firm back and deep bottom cushion combination may not be for everyone

Our next choice goes to the most contemporary, modern design on the entire list: the Alvin model by Rivet. 

The Alvin model takes a super fixed-back and slaps it onto a long, 80-inch bench. The result is a 2-seater sofa with minimal armrests and other superfluous material. Instead, you’re left with a great, long modern sofa that’s a fantastic option for any minimalistic modern family home.

The frame and polyester cover amounts to a fairly good level of comfort as well. It’s not too firm and it’s not too soft either. Just somewhere in the middle, and good enough to please people on both levels of that spectrum. 

One of the key features of this particular model is just how long it is. At 80 inches long, it’s one of the largest of the base options our of any of the sofas on the list. This makes it great for people who are looking to fill a wall or large space in their dorm, living room, or otherwise.

Sadly, the Alvin is only available in two color choices and one size, however. Both 2-seater sofas are only available in the long, modern 80-inch design. The color options are also only the light grey shown in the picture above, or a unique teal-blue color not seen in any of the other sofas on this list. Both stand out in their own modern ways are are great for what they are.

Major Features to Note

  • Two color options to choose from: light grey and a deep teal-blue color.
  • Cushions and hardwood frame amount to a great mix between firmness and softness sure to please anyone.
  • Dimensions of the 2-seater sofa measure a whopping 81″ x 37″ x 32″ overall.
  • Great budget-friendly option for any minimalistic family home needing a sofa that fills a lot of space.
  • Requires a short 5-leg assembly process that should take no longer than 15 minutes.


  • Fantastic, modern design that doesn’t cost as much as other models
  • Long bench with minimal armrests and other materials
  • Perfect for families on a limited budget, or those who love minimalistic modern design


  • Only available in a single size and two color options

Our next pick for the most comfortable traditional design goes to the Rivet Brooker. 

The Rivet Brooker is fairly similar to our top pick in that the backs and bottom cushions of the sofa are made from similar materials. The main difference is that the hard wood frame and more enclosed, classic design amounts to a slightly less “sinking” feeling that we love the Stone & Beam Lauren 2-seater sofa model for.

Still, the difference isn’t wide enough to not consider the Rivet Brooker if the more traditional design is more up your alley. It’s also significantly smaller than the Stone & Beam Lauren model which makes it ideal for those living in apartments, dorms, or other small spaces.

In addition, the Rivet Brooker is only available in three main colors. For the polyester covers, marble and quarry are available. For the single leather option, the 2-seater sofa is only available in cognac leather.

As with the top pick, I don’t recommend this particular 2-seater sofa if you’re not a fan of soft, dense couches. If you want something more firm, then please look at one of the above sofas instead. 

Major Features to Note

  • Super soft and plush back and bottom cushions filled with down materials.
  • Available in cognac colored leather, or quarry or marble colored polyester cover materials.
  • Dimensions of the 2-seater sofa measure 65″ x 38″ x 35″ in total.
  • Fairly inexpensive, budget-friendly option that’s a significant leap over assemble-yourself furniture.
  • Quick assembly involving simply attaching the legs onto the sofa.


  • Extremely comfortable down cushions are always great if you’re not the biggest fan of overly firm couches
  • Three color options to choose from including one leather option
  • Much more compact than other choices, which can be ideal for smaller households


  • Not quite as comfortable as the Stone & Beam Lauren model at number one, but this one is more compact and traditional for those who value those features

Next, we have the final of the Rivet 2-seater sofas to appear on the list. The Rivet Sloane is an ideal choice for those who are in need of a sofa that doesn’t take up all too much space.

Firstly, the Rivet Sloane is another 2-seater sofa that is ideal for those who prefer their couch to be somewhere in the middle between firm and soft. It’s not one that you’ll sink far into, and it’s not one that you won’t sink into at all either. It’s great for those who need some support, but don’t enjoy an overly firm sofa.

Next, the Rivet Sloane is a great option for students, and young adults on a tight budget and even tighter space. Unlike some of the other options on the list, the Sloane measures fairly compact in comparison at 64″ x 36″ x 33″. For many dorms, apartments, and anyone who owns a home with a living room on the small size, the above 2-seater sofas may run too big. The Rivet Sloane might likely be the right sofa for you in that case.

Sadly, this 2-seater sofa is only available in the color shown above currently. If you’re a pet owner, a parent with young children, or tend to be clumsy with food and drinks, then I’d suggest going with a different sofa, as the lighter color sofa will stain easily with messes.

Otherwise, the Sloane is a great option for those needing a compact 2-seater sofa solution.

Major Features to Note

  • Not too soft and not too firm. This 2-seater sofa is a great option for those who enjoy middle firmness and softness.
  • Dimensions of the sofa measure a total of 64″ x 36″ x 33″ completely.
  • Only available in the color shown above, currently.
  • Simple assembly involving quickly attaching the legs and back piece.


  • Great option for those without much space to work with
  • Comfortable enough without being too firm or too soft
  • Perfect for dorms, apartments, and other small spaces


  • Only available in one color right now, sadly

For the last three 2-seater sofas, we’re moving into the low-budget options. They’re not as high-quality nor durable as the above couches, but for families and individuals that are living paycheck to paycheck, they’ll get the job done. Zinus’s Josh model here is the first of these particular low-budget 2-seater sofas.

The Zinus Josh is a quintessential traditional-looking couch. It doesn’t have the nice, plush materials of the Stone & Beam or Rivet 2-seater sofas, but it’s far from being the worst couch out there at the same time. The materials of the back and bottom cushions are made from lower-grade foams.

In terms of firmness, the Josh is somewhere in the middle, but this degrades over time. The bounce that you have at day one will be far different that the less firm bounce you’ll experience at day 60.

In addition, the Zinus Josh is only currently available in this light grey color. Assembly isn’t very difficult by any stretch of the imagination, but you’ll likely want your partner or a friend to assist you anyway to get it done quickly.

All in all, it’s not a bad choice for anyone on an extremely limited budget, but it won’t last you more than a few months without seeing some fairly noticeable wear and tear.

Major Features to Note

  • Fairly low-priced option that’s good enough for families and individuals on a really tight budget.
  • Foam cushions are comfortable, but degrade over time and bounce back a little less each week.
  • This 2-seater sofa is 77.5″ long.
  • Only available in the color shown, currently.


  • Decent comfort for the price point
  • Assembles easily with one other person to help
  • Budget friendly for those on a really tight budget


  • Degrades over time
  • Only available in a single color
  • Materials aren’t as nice as the slightly higher budget options

The second of the budget-friendly options is another model by Zinus. This one shares a lot of features with it’s brother in the previous spot, but also stands out by offering things it doesn’t as well.

To start, the foam materials used on the Ricardo are the same as the ones used in the above Zinus model. They’re sturdy and comfortable enough at first, but do degrade over time. 

The modern-looking design is a great feature as well. Unlike the previous model, this one can really be placed anywhere and at least give off the illusion of a far more expensive couch. It’s also available in three separate colors, so this time around you have choices to make as well.

Still, if you have the budget or ability to save for one of the slightly more expensive models above, I’d suggest doing that. They’ll last you a lot longer, and are easily on par with some of the far more expensive name brand furniture companies out there.

If you absolutely need a 2-seater sofa immediately, then the Zinus Ricardo is yet another option that won’t break the bank in the process though.


Major Features to Note

  • Available in three different color options: dark grey, chestnut brown, and lyon blue.
  • Wooden frame with low-grade foam padding.
  • Two seater sofa measure 78.4 inches long with arms that flare out slightly past that.
  • Decent enough option for those on an extreme budget.
  • Assembly won’t take longer than ten minutes.


  • Three different colors to choose from
  • Modern design without the modern cost of a 2-seater sofa
  • Decent choice for those on a very tight budget
  • Good enough for the price point


  • Will definitely degrade over time, and may only last you less than a year

Last, and certainly least, we have the final of the 2-seater sofas to hit the list. This sofa by AODAILIHB is the final entry on the entire list. It’s by far the cheapest possible option that I can recommend to people who really can’t afford anything else.

Whereas every single other couch has significant padding in some way or another, this 2-seater sofa does not. From the moment you sit on it, it feels more like a bench than anything else. It’s not very comfortable, and you’ll likely want to purchase additional cushions, blankets, pillows, and anything else to make it more comfortable in the long run.

Still, in terms of looks, it’s not all that bad. The modern design complete with the two throw pillow cases (pillows themselves purchased separately) don’t look too shabby at all. After the very easy assembly, you can simply place this in your living room or anywhere else and immediately enjoy the modern design.

If you’re on a severely limited budget, and simple need something in your space to sit on, you could certainly do a lot worse than this 2-seater sofa. It’s not bad-looking at all, and with a little additional help in the form of cushioning, it’s a fairly alright budget option.


Major Features to Note

  • Bench-like artificial leather 2-seater sofa with pillow cases for two couch throw pillows (pillows not included).
  • Easy to assemble, and should not take anymore than ten or twenty minutes.
  • Measures a total of 51″ x 27″ x 33″, making for a really compact space for two people.
  • The cheapest 2-seater sofa on the market with nearly no cushion provided. 
  • Extremely firm seating.


  • Cheap and does the job if you don’t mind the firmness
  • Easy enough to assemble and use
  • Doesn’t take up much space at all


  • Very, very firm
  • May likely need additional padding to sit on for prolonged periods of time
  • Pillows not included

Things to Consider When Purchasing a 2-Seater Sofa

Softness vs. Firmness

Are you someone that likes to sink into your couch? Do you prefer when your couch “bounces” back and supports you instead? Choosing the right 2-seater sofa will depend first and foremost on what your ideal level of comfort is. 

If you’re someone that prefers firmness, I’d suggest going with a leather 2-seater sofa that doesn’t use down or feathers in the inner cushion material. If you’re someone that prefers sinking into a nice, soft couch, then the Stone & Beam Lauren at number one might be the perfect option for you instead.

Lastly, if you live in a household containing people of varying levels of preference, then you may be swayed to go for a couch that’s somewhere in the middle to accommodate both types of people instead.


If you’re someone that prefers a particular color to dominate a room, then this will be another key consideration in making your choice. Not every 2-seater sofa is available in every color, and some aren’t even available in more than one color.

In addition, for households with pets and young children, you may want to consider choosing a darker color. As anyone with messier family members knows, lighter colors will mean a lot more work for you in the long run!


Size is another key factor to consider. Do you have a lot of space to fill, or are you limited by the size of your room?

Choosing between a 2-seater sofa reigning in at a 90 inch length versus a much more compact 65 inches may simply just end up being because of the space you’re wanting to fill in your ideal living room.

Shape and Design

The overall shape and design of your 2-seater sofa are also of utmost importance. Everyone has different tastes and likes different things. 

If you’re someone going for a room with a lot of personality, you may want to go with a sofa that expresses that. Going with a 2-seater sofa that stands out is likely more up your alley in that case.

Conversely, if you simple want a modern, minimalistic room that looks cozy enough to you, then a straight and narrow contemporary sofa is likely the right choice for you.

Choosing a living room sofa that meshes well with what you like the most will always be the most ideal choice you can make.

Durability and Materials

Finally, you’ll also want to choose a 2-seater sofa that both lasts you the longest and has materials that won’t easily degrade with age. When you’re spending as much as you are on a sofa, you want the best value for your dollar after all.

Choosing a 2-seater sofa that costs a little more than you intended, but lasts you years longer than the cheaper options available to you can still be a far better investment. The last thing you want to do is spend upwards of 80% of the total cost of a better sofa only for the budget one to give out after less than a year.

Always try and choose a 2-seater sofa that you’re confident in the materials of. 

Frequently Asked Questions About 2-Seater Sofas

Are 2-Seater Sofas Comfortable?

Well, of course they are! There are many factors in deciding the best 2-seater sofa for you, and in my own personal opinion as well as in the spirit of this website, comfort is always going to be the single most important factor in my eyes.

In the end, it’s up to you to figure out what kind of sofa is the most comfortable option for you. You have to decide if firmness or softness is what you value most, as well as how deep or tall the seats are, whether the armrests are comfortable, and any other amount of factors. Comfort is always the paramount reason why people replace their sofas, so try and nail down what makes you the most comfortable as soon as possible.

Can Sofa Cushions Be Washed?

Sofa cushions can generally be wiped downed or washed easily depending on the material and covers. For leather and most polyester blends, simply wiping any messes made on the sofa with a damp cloth should deal with most issues.

Picking the Right 2-Seater Sofa for You

After reading all of the above reviews, FAQs, and other considerations, I hope you’ve been able to make the educated choice as to which 2-seater sofa is right for you. If you’re reaching this point and still aren’t sure which one is best for your living room situation, then the following simplified, abbreviated summaries are here for you.

With that, I hope you can come to the conclusion as to which of the above 2-seater sofas is right for your household, and start your living room off comfortably.

Thanks for reading, sofa lovers!