Best Memory Foam Slippers for Women

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Best Memory Foam Slippers for Women

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

Today, we’ll be going over the best memory foam slippers for women. 

Nothing is worse than getting out of bed, and stepping barefoot straight onto any room without carpet. It’s jarring and terrible and the absolutely last thing you want right after waking up. 

Ladies, instead of subjecting yourself to that kind of routine torture, why not slip into a nice, comfy, warm pair of memory foam slippers instead? They’re really comfortable, and beat out stepping barefoot, or even with socks, on the terribly cold hard floors every day. Especially during the harshest fall and winter months!

For anyone that agrees with us, below are the best memory foam slippers for women. (If you’re a man or shopping for one, then read our reviews of men’s memory foam slippers instead!) We highly recommend reading the reviews and choosing which is best for you based on them.

Memory Foam Slippers for Women: Reviews

Best Overall: ULTRAIDEAS Memory Foam Slippers for Women

First on the list, we’ve got these adorable, cozy memory foam slippers for women made by ULTRAIDEAS. ULTRAIDEAS is a company that operates primarily on Amazon. They have a line of dozens of different shoes and indoor slippers for both men and women, all with fairly high reviews overall.

When you first step into this particular pair of memory foam slippers, you’re greeted with the nice, warm feeling of the fluffy fleece lining meeting your bare skin. And then you step out of bed with the rest of your weight. At this point, your feet sink into the dense memory foam that cushions the bottom of the shoe, and your feet are in heaven. Both of them are enveloped in warmth and comfort from the moment that you step out of bed and into these shoes. 

It’s a fantastic feeling every morning. I highly recommend choosing a memory foam slipper with these sorts of fleece-lined interiors for the colder months, even if you choose a different slipper than this ULTRAIDEAS one. It’s especially important if you live anywhere up north or in the Midwest, too.

The only noticeable downside that we came across was that the slippers tend to be on the small size. If you decide on going with any ULTRAIDEAS slipper, then we recommend going with a size to a size and a half larger to compensate for this. Otherwise, having your ankle halfway out defeats the purpose a tad!

Major Features to Note

  • The slippers currently come in five different colors.
  • Every single colored pair comes with the same inner fleece lining and dense memory foam bottoms.
  • They can be used both indoors and outdoors, but we personally recommend only indoor use if you’d like to keep them nice and clean.
  • Sizes range from women’s size 5 to 12.
  • Keep your feet much warmer than just wearing socks around the house!

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  • Five different colors to choose from: pick the one you like the most!
  • Feel luxurious without having the cost of a luxury slipper
  • Interior fleece lining and high-density memory foam keep your feet warm, and your soles comfortable


  • Will likely need to purchase a size up, as they tend to run small!

Cutest Design: YALOX Memory Foam Slippers for Women

Next on the list is these adorable memory foam slippers for women made by YALOX. Like ULTRAIDEAS, YALOX is another company that operates and sells their shoes primarily through Amazon. They have dozens of different types of shoes and apparel ranging from water socks to men’s sweatpants. 

These slippers are yet another one that are mostly meant for the colder climes. Sadly, they’re not fleece-lined like the previous pair of slippers, but instead a soft, secure plush instead. While they’ll still keep your feet warm and toasty in the harsher autumn and winter months, they don’t heat up nearly as quick as slippers with fleece lining. 

Still, the plush isn’t all bad. With the plush interior and memory foam padding on your soles, the slippers feel great. They’re still extremely comfortable to walk around the house in. Plus, you may even be able to wear them in the warmer months depending on how hot it gets in your area. 

The thing we love most about these slippers is the wide array of different colors on the adorable knit-like outer surface. They look absolutely adorable!

One thing to note is that many people have said that these slippers also unfortunately tend to be on the small size. You may want to size up on these ones as well!

Major Features to Note

  • The slippers currently come in a whopping nine different colors!
  • Every pair includes a nice plush inner lining and dense memory foam bottom.
  • Comfortable enough to wear for up to 6-8 months of the year, depending on local climate.
  • Sizes range from women’s size 5 to 13.
  • Knitted-esque design makes them super cute to wear around company!

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  • Knitted design is adorable
  • Nine different colors to choose from: all the options!
  • Since the interior doesn’t include fleece, you may be able to wear them for longer throughout the year


  • Lack of fleece lining makes them a little less toasty than those with fleece
  • Also tend to be on the small size, so you’ll likely want to size up for a good fit!

Name Brand Option: Jessica Simpson Faux Fur House Slippers

The third option to be featured on our list, these indoor house slippers produced by Jessica Simpson’s shoe line are another great choice. 

To start, these women’s memory foam slippers do not come with either a fleece nor a plush interior. Instead, the Jessica Simpson shoe line instead decided on producing the slippers with a faux fur interior. This is not nearly as warm as the plush designs, and especially not as warm as any fleece-lined option on the market. However, it’s still warmer than going with an memory foam slipper that has no lining, so I suppose there’s that.

Additionally, the memory foam padding on the bottom of the slippers is fairly thin compared to similar slippers. This isn’t a big deal if you’re like me and find yourself sitting for the majority of the day, but if you’re actively moving around the house all day, then you’ll definitely notice the difference between this slipper and one with more dense memory foam padding.

On the upside, these memory foam slippers for women are noticeably wider than some of the other options on this list. This makes them a great choice for women with wider feet. If you notice that other slippers aren’t fitting you as well, then consider choosing these ones instead.

Major Features to Note

  • Eleven different faux fur designs to choose from.
  • All eleven current designs include the faux fur interior padding.
  • Memory foam bottom padding is somewhat thinner than other slippers.
  • Sizes range from women’s size 6 to 10.
  • Outwardly, the slippers look great and definitely stand out compared to other more simplistic designs!

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  • The memory foam slippers look great in appearance
  • Eleven designer brand shoes to choose from means that at least one design should strike your fancy
  • Warm enough to wear in less harsh climates


  • Faux fur isn’t the warmest choice
  • Memory foam padding is thinner than other slippers intended for women

Most Unique: RockDove Nordic Women’s Memory Foam Slippers

Next, we have the first of the two RockDove slippers to make the list. RockDove is a fairly big name in slippers, and sells their shoes through many different stores today.

These particular memory foam slippers are our favorite that RockDove offers. They stand out far more than the majority of women’s memory foam slippers, and the Christmas sweater likeness in their designs are a touch that many people love, especially when wearing them during the holiday season.

Plus, we’re back to our beloved fleece linings! Most of RockDove’s slippers include fleece lining if they’re intended for the colder months, and we love them for it. Fleece doesn’t degrade as quickly as faux fur, and keeps your feet nice and warm throughout the cold season.

Sadly, there is a pattern here with slippers in that a lot of them tend to run small! RockDove is no exception, so it’s another slipper than you may want to consider sizing up if you are between sizes.

Major Features to Note

  • Four different unique designs to choose from, all sporting a knitted holiday-esque pattern.
  • Dense memory foam included in the bottom of every slipper.
  • Bottom portion of the sole of the shoe is outfitted to freely go outdoors if desired.
  • Sizes range from women’s size 6 to 11.

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  • Four different unique winter designs for you to choose from
  • Fleece lining is back, and here to keep your feet toasty
  • Outfitted to be able to be used indoors or outdoors


  • May need to size up
  • Outdoor use can wear down the slippers fairly quick compared to using boots or sneakers

Year-Long Option: RockDove Two-Tone Memory Foam Slippers for Women

Finally, we have the second of the RockDove slippers to make this particular list. The two-tone memory foam slippers for women are a great choice for anyone who wants a slipper they can use all year.

Since these memory foam slippers do not include any additional interior padding beyond the memory foam bases, they’re great for using all year. In the winter, you may need to wear additional socks, but throughout spring and the summer, you’ll be able to wear these barefoot. Best of all, the slippers have breathable fabric to help cool your feet off in the warmer months of the year.

However, I do feel like you should choose a different pair of indoor slippers if you’re likely to walk a lot in them. Though these memory foam slippers are cheap, they also tend to degrade pretty rapidly with wear and tear from more active people. If you wanted them to last, I’d suggest wearing them while mostly inactive and seated around your home. Definitely not outdoors.

That being said, they’re extremely comfortable while they last, and can last a while with a lot of care and maintenance. 

Major Features to Note

  • Seven different two-tone color options for you to choose from.
  • Every pair includes no additional interior lining and can be used throughout the year if  you desire.
  • Memory foam is soft, plush and adds a considerable amount of padding and comfort to your feet.
  • Sizes range from women’s size 5 to 12.

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  • Seven different designs to choose from, all with their own two colors
  • Memory foam is dense and comfortable while it lasts
  • Can be worn year long due to lacking interior linings


  • Degrades quickly through active wear and tear, and especially if you wear them outdoors regularly
  • Not intended for winter or colder fall months without additional padding from socks

Picking the Best Women’s Memory Foam Slippers for You

If you’ve read all of the above reviews and still aren’t sure which memory foam slippers are right for you, no sweat. Below, we have the summarized recommendations of which memory foam slipper is best for every woman based on what they value the most.

And with that, I hope you can experience what it’s like to have truly comfortable feet every single day.

Thanks for reading, slipper lovers!