Best Rocking Chairs for Kids that They’ll Love

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Best Rocking Chairs for Kids

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

As we mentioned in the indoor baby swings review, distractions for children are some of the best things that parents can look forward to for both their kids’ enjoyment and their own sanity. Rocking chairs for your kids are no different!

Regardless if your child is the most hyperactive kiddo on the block or one of the more mellowed out around, rocking chairs are a great addition to any child’s room. They can add a classic note to your kid’s room (or anywhere else in the house) and provide a cozy spot for your kid to rock in.

We at Delicious Comfort have collected some of the best kids’ rocking chairs around and reviewed them just for you and, more importantly, your kids!

Best Value: Gift Mark Child’s Colonial Rocking Chair

The Gift Mark Child’s Colonial Rocking Chair is the first rocking chair for kids to make the list. The chair comes in five different color variations with different finishes, and is a great starter chair for any kid. 

The build is also solid, made from hardwood through construction. Assembly is required by parents, but all tools are provided for ease.

Additional Features

– Meant for children aged three or older.

– Hand-carved pieces for assembly.

– Designed for durability after construction. Should last years with care.

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  • Solid, durable chair after assembly
  • Pieces are hand-carved and packed to protect against damage through delivery
  • Durable enough to last years with care and maintenance


  • Requires assembly by parents, so be prepared for possible headaches and elbow grease involved

Budget Option: Jack-Post Knollwood Classic Rocker

The Jack Post KN-10P Knollwood Classic Child’s Porch Rocker is the second rocking chair for kids on our list. The chair is one of the cheapest, yet durable, rocking chairs on the market, and is perfect for any young girl aged one through four.

It also comes unassembled, but only requires eight screws that are provided to finish the entire build. The overall build once everything is securely built is fairly sturdy for such a budget-friendly chair, and capable of holding up to 80lbs!

Additional Features

– Classic porch design with slates for the seat and all.

– Made from solid hardwood.

– Glossy pink color is great for young girls, especially.

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  • Glossy colors available in five separate colors, not just pink!
  • Very cheap, even when compared against other options out there
  • Fairly solid build for the price point


  • Not the best materials nor durability, but this is to be expected for being cheaper than other rocking chairs

Luxury Option: Weaver Craft Rocking Chair for Kids

The first chair from Weaver Craft to make the list, the Weaver Craft Child’s Rocking Chair is one of the best rocking chairs for children around. 

This rocking chair for kids is made by the Amish and is composed of 100% solid cherry wood with a premium finish and all. It’s also one of the few classic-style rocking chairs on the market that come completely assembled and ship that way.

The downside? It’s also got a premium price attached compared to all other options on the list. Still, the quality of this rocking chair is unmatched overall for those who willing to spare the budget.

Additional Features

– Made in America by the Amish.

– Premium multiple-step finishing process used on the cherry wood.

– Only chair that claims to “last generations” on the list.

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  • Comes in a solid, prebuilt package with no further assembly required from you
  • Three separate wood finishes to select from
  • Will last generations with proper love and care
  • Amish craftsmanship at work


  • Expensive compared to most other rocking chairs designed for kids, but they don’t come with the durability this chair does, and almost always will need to be assembled by you

Recliner Style Option: KEET Roundy Rocking Kid’s Chair

The fourth kids’ rocking chair to make the list, the KEET Roundy Rocking Kid’s Chair Gingham is another of the best rocking chairs for kids around, and the first on the list to require no assembly. Parents rejoice, as the entire chair comes as one solid piece on purchase!

The frame of the chair is built from solid wood, and the cushion surrounding it is foam. The fabric is also easy enough to clean, though proper cleaner will be required to prevent stains from messy children.

The chair is also meant for toddlers aged two to five, though many parents choose to use it for younger children as well with proper supervision.

Additional Features

– Available in multiple colors.

– Rocking chair is low to the ground and prevents potential injury.

– Chair is handmade and style is chosen to mimic heavy-duty adult furniture.

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  • No chance of accidentally injury from children locking arms or legs between wooden slates
  • Fabric is easy enough to clean
  • Can be used sooner in your child’s life than the majority of classic rocking chairs
  • Modern recliner design is nice in any room!


  • Can degrade over time, and may need more maintenance than a classic solid wood kids’ rocking chair

Spindle Option: Gift Mark Children’s Spindle Rocking Chair

Like the first rocking chair to make the list, the Gift Mark Deluxe Children’s Spindle Rocking Chair is another Gift Mark rocking chair to make the list of best rocking chairs for kids.

And like the colonial chair at number one, the spindle chair also comes in five different possible finishes, ranging from anything to beautiful cherry to white.

Assembly is once again required for this chair with all tools provided to be able to do so.

Additional Features

– Meant for children three or older.

– Solid hardwood built to last.

– Bigger than the Gift Mark colonial chair, making it great for larger kids.

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  • Wonderful spindle design
  • Larger and more sturdy than other Gift Mark chairs, which is great for larger or slightly older children
  • Five separate wood finishes to choose from depending on your aesthetics


  • Yet another wooden rocking chair that will require assembly from you

Most Classic Design: Lipper International Kids’ Rocking Chair

The Lipper International 555P Child’s Rocking Chair is the next best rocking chair for kids. 

Another chair that requires assembly, but one that is no trouble at all and provides one of the most quintessential styles for rocking chairs we’ve come across.

The chair is perfect for any room in the house, and can easily be used as a play room or living room chair with ease.

Additional Features

– Built for children age three and older.

– Easily cleaned with cleaner and a damp cloth.

– Quality wood used in design.

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  • Classic standard rocking chair design
  • Wider slates make the chair very easy to clean
  • Quality wood used in design and assembly parts


  • You guessed it. Another rocking chair that requires assembly from you

Durable Couch Option: KEET Bubble Denim Rocking Chair for Kids

The second KEET chair to make the list of best rocking chairs for kids, the KEET Bubble Rocking Kid’s Chair in Denim shares the majority of positives with the previous KEET chair on the list, while adding in durability and ease of cleaning that place it as a solid contender on both the list and compared to the Gingham-fabric chair above.

The denim fabric is unparalleled in durability!

Additional Features

– Beautiful denim fabric stretched out over a low rocking recliner.

– Rocking portion is low to the ground. Low chance of injury.

– Heavy-duty furniture built to last. Can be used for many years with proper care.

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  • Denim material looks and feels comfortable
  • Best for children that prefer light rocking, as it’s low to the ground 
  • Can be used for children below three years of age with proper supervision


  • Only available in blue, currently

Windsor Style Option: Gift Mark Windsor Children’s Rocking Chair

The third and final Gift Mark rocking chair for kids to make the list, the Children’s Windsor Rocking Chair in espresso color is another great choice from the people at Gift Mark and shares most of the the pluses and minuses of the previous two models.

Parents will once again have to assemble this chair with the tools provided, but after assembly, it’s one of the most solid cheaper chairs out there.

Additional Features

– Solid hardwood built.

– Hand-carved by people in great detail.

– Easily accommodates both toddlers and school-aged children.

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  • Stylish Windsor-style design that can fit the aesthetic of any modern home better than more classic rocking chairs
  • Fairly durable and sturdy after being assembled


  • All Gift Mark chairs are hand carved pieces that need to be assembled by you upon delivery

Hand-Painted Options: Fantasy Fields Painted Rocking Chairs for Kids

The only themed rocking chairs for kids to make the list, the Fantasy Fields – Themed Kids Wooden Rocking Chairs are great rocking chairs for any themed playroom! 

The chairs themselves can handle weights of fifty to up to one hundred pounds depending on the model, but do require some assembly much like the Gift Mark chairs on the list.

Still, for any parent with a toddler who loves a particular theme, or for any parent who is planning on an themed room, the chairs are fantastic choices to go along with any particular motif.

Additional Features

– Hand-painted and hand-carved chairs.

– Comes in multiple themes to suit the tastes of most children.

– Great addition to any themed playroom setup.

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  • Hand-painted and hand-carved pieces are beautiful additions to a fully themed playroom for your children and their friends
  • Varied themes can suit many themes you have in mind


  • Fantasy Fields chairs require assembly by you after being delivered, and may need screws to be tightened periodically

Hardwood Option: Wildkin Rocking Chair for Kids

The last, but not least, on the list is the Wildkin Rocking Chair. 

Another chair that requires assembly, the Wildkin makes the list as it is another classic rocking chair design that comes in many different finishes and can match the decor of nearly any home in some way.

Additional Features

– 90-day warranty against any potential defects.

– Made from strong and sturdy rubberwood.

– Built with safety and stability in mind.

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  • Thick, fully wooden frame can be durable with proper care
  • Environmentally friendly materials and design processes
  • Five different wood finishes from Cherry to White


  • Requires assembly

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids’ Rocking Chairs

Why Should I Consider a Rocking Chair for my Child?

Rocking chairs are classic additions to any child’s playroom or bedroom. They provide a place for your kid to both sit down and relax, or spend excess energy at the same time. They’re fantastic for fitting anywhere, and most will be able to match the decor of the room without any problems.

Are Rocking Chairs for Kids Safe?

The majority of rocking chairs intended for children are very safe, as they are always made with kid-friendly designs and materials in mind. However, supervision is always recommended, as children are prone to sticking any part of them into places they’re not meant to, and there are some horror stories out there of parents forced to saw through their chairs in order to get their children out. 

Always monitor your children and ensure that they’re rocking in their rocking chairs the proper way to avoid any accidents!

Is Getting a Rocking Chair for my Kid Worth It?

Most parents and their children can benefit from having a rocking chair. Regardless if the intention is to preoccupy your child, stylishly match the other furniture around the house, or just have an additional place for your kid to sit, rocking chairs can be a great addition to any household.

Can Rocking Chairs be Used by Newborn Babies? How Old Does My Child Need to Be to Use a Rocking Chair?

Rocking chairs for kids are not meant to be used before one and a half to three years, typically. This varies depending on the maker and model of the rocking chair, of course, but it’s not generally safe for your newborn to be in one alone, even if they can somewhat support themselves. For newborns and infants, parents should look into an adult nursery rocking chair and form rocking habits with their child from an early age if desired.

The majority of classic rocking chairs for kids should not be used until your child is typically about three years of age. Some safer options, such as the KEET recliners, however, can be used with proper supervision from an earlier age.

Picking the Best Rocking Chair for Your Child

If you’ve gone through all of the above reviews above for kids’ rocking chairs and still aren’t sure which one is right for your kid, then maybe the section below can help you out. Under this, you’ll find our summarized points of all of the above rocking chairs for kids and which one may be right for you based on what you value the most.

Hopefully, you now know which rocking chair that is right for your child, and have made a choice of one that they’ll love for years.

Thanks for reading, new and old parents!