Best Lightweight Jogging Strollers for Active Parents

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Best Lightweight Jogging Strollers for Active Parents

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

Jogging Strollers. Yes, jogging strollers. Specifically, the lightweight jogging strollers. I didn’t even know they were a thing until I was knee-deep in the multitude of baby products that I somehow needed to jam into my brain in the limited timeframe of 9 months. Maybe 9 and a half if I was extremely lucky. But that’s not really counted as lucky.

But jogging strollers came up and just like that, I was hooked on the idea that I could actually continue to do something that I mildly enjoyed on a cool day when I was also supposed to be somehow caring for a new life. Now I get it: the idea of jogging when all you wanna do is curl up on the sofa, eat ice cream while your baby snoozes along in their automated swing sounds a little rough, but then I thought about the tips and tricks that my own mother showed me when she had just given birth to my little sister and I figured, “Why not?”

To help you go through the muck and grime of figuring out which stroller is best for you and your little beautiful perfect hellraiser, I got the skivvy on the ten best, lightest lightweight jogging strollers to help you get on out and get back to enjoying the outdoors! Don’t worry, I even listed them for you from the most “budget friendly” options, to best overall usage, and even for when I got to dream a little and completely went bougie… Don’t lie. We all wanna experience that fairy-tale moment

Lightweight Jogging Stroller Reviews

Going outside is important to you and your baby post-childbirth. Of course, be reasonable about how often you go out and how your baby’s immune system isn’t as great, but just imagine on a rough day the feel of the outdoors all around you. Cool breezes, warm sunlight, and the rocking of a stroller keeping your baby asleep and happy. 

Plus, and I hate to remind you, there’s always that nagging feeling of how the need to “bounce back” is basically drilled into our brains. If you’re anything like me, despite everything else crazy going on in your life, you decide to give into that feeling.

For the purpose of the list below, I’ll try to more or less order the strollers below by price. Prices change from time to time, however, so please keep that in mind!

Let’s get into it!

Baby Trend Xcel Jogger Stroller

I promised you that we’d start out budget friendly and the Baby Trend Xcel is exactly that. Don’t be fooled by its low price tag though: it boasts a hefty amount of features and provides one of the smoothest jogs that I’ve ever had with a stroller, courtesy of its all-terrain bicycle tires. I could strap baby in as easily as I could her car seat and all my knickknacks were easy to stow away in the parent bin that I inevitably throw everything into.

Neglecting the fact that I originally chose this stroller based on price and the exciting colors available (because don’t we all sigh at the abundance of black/grey everything), with how easily the canopy adjusted as well as the seat itself, I was in love with the Xcel in record time. Adding to my own approval, baby loved the two cup holders that gave her the option of not one but TWO snacks that I could conjure up for her. So, baby approved too!

After our jog, it had an easy trigger to fold it back down and it actually wasn’t the heaviest thing in the world at 26 lbs. Added bonus but if you have a Baby Trend car seat then this stroller can be combined into one awesome jogging package

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  • Super affordable compared to most jogging strollers
  • So, so many color options! Pick any color you like from the available options
  • 5-point safety harness has the same kind of protection as a car seat
  • Large wheels make rough terrain pretty managable


  • Large wheels also, unfortunately, make the stroller pretty bulky still when folded

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller

I’m sorry! This was another color grab for me. I’m a huge sucker for nicely colored parenting needs. But I ended up finding it on sale and it was like the call of Sirens for me! The Expedition is like the previous Baby Trend Xcel where it fits nicely on a budget price with amazing features. I was even happy to find that it was actually lighter than the Xcel at 21lbs.

This time around I tried it on heavier terrain and while I and the wheels got muddy, my baby slept on as if she were on a cushion of clouds. No worries about safety either since it had a 5-point safety strap harness. She still enjoyed the snacks I could carry with the two cup holders and the storage bin was slightly deeper which meant that I could store even more down there for her. I also got daring one day and took along my beloved fat chihuahua. Family approved!

The one feature that I found that I really enjoyed on this particular model was that it had a storage compartment in the parent trap that I managed to hide all my valuables since I don’t really like to put them down below in the storage bin. It’s got enough things to hold. It doesn’t need my phone, too!

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  • Very affordable, even for those on a limited budget
  • Opens and folds down with a single click of a button
  • Nice, spacious under-stroller storage area


  • Holds up to 50lbs, which is 5 pounds less than the Xcel lightweight jogging stroller above

Graco Roadmaster Lightweight Jogging Stroller

The brand Graco is super well known in the universe of baby needs. They usually have a good idea of budget value and overall features that they are hard to ignore for any parent. I got the Graco Road Master jogging stroller since it usually has a coupon deal going for it and I wanted a crack at the Graco signature “Fast Action one-second, one-hand fold.”

Yeah, I know it’s a silly reason to get a stroller but lemme tell you, there was nothing more satisfying than when that first attempt at the signature move went so smoothly! Oh wait, scratch that! It was at the height of satisfaction doing it in front of my husband and watching his eyebrows shoot up at how I practically became an overnight one-second, one-handed stroller duelist. Do you feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya!?

Now that I’m done misquoting famous lines, this stroller really has it all. It was far more compact than I expected when I folded it down, and the removable stroller seat made it easy to detach baby for when I needed to meet up with my parents for the impromptu family dinners.

 I was a bit sad that I couldn’t recklessly spray a hose all over the Graco Road Master (I know, I know, I shouldn’t do it anyway), but the super large storage bin and easy removal of the child bar and cups really made up for whatever slight I perceived. Plus, because it removed, I didn’t have to do some cool new groovy maneuver to get baby into the seat.

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  • Compatible with every single Graco car seat
  • Fabric is completely and totally waterproof
  • Adjustable handlebar means both parents can easily use the stroller
  • Super smooth on most terrains


  • Larger than some of the other lightweight jogging strollers

Graco Modes Jogging Stroller Travel System

Another Graco! More my style if I say so! This Graco Modes jogging stroller has all the good of its more inexpensive cousin but allows you to keep it for longer. It caught my eye pretty much for the fact that its harness could be converted from the standard 5-point to the 3-point as my baby grew up. With money being a huge concern for me at the time of my endless nights panicking over what was best for me when I didn’t have a lot of it, this feature really shined the brightest.

On top of that, it seemed to be the SUV of strollers with how the parent tray had a place for my phone and all my accessories in the cup holder. You can only fight with all your little gadgets and wires for so long! I personally found this stroller to be the easiest to set up and fold down and the tray being able to be removed completely saved my bacon more times than I can count when baby got up to no good and needed to be removed quickly. 

Don’t even get me started on the storage bin. Unlike the last three strollers, the fact that this one had a storage bin that you could zip up and have covered was amazing when rain just happened upon me when I was trying to work off the extra calories. As someone used to sudden showers, it was a nice feature that went a long way.

This stroller easily wins my personal award for longest lifetime since my own mother used this for going on 4 years before she gifted it to my sister.

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  • Compatible with every single Graco car seat
  • Very quick and easy assembly
  • Adjustable handlebar means both parents can easily use the stroller
  • Parent tray can hold your phone, keys, and other stuff!
  • Good for years, with a max weight limit of 50 pounds


  • A whopping 35 pound total weight puts this at the high end of the lightweight jogging strollers

Schwinn Arrow Jogging Stroller

After a time of trying out what turned out to be pretty heavy four-wheeled strollers, I really wanted to see if there was something that was super lightweight and how that would hold up. Somewhere in my mind doesn’t lighter mean worse? That was far from the case of the Schwinn Arrow jogging stroller.

To lay out the facts plainly, this stroller feels like it weighs like nothing. Honestly, I feel as if my fat chihuahua weighs more on certain days than this stroller does. This thing can almost not be beaten in terms of its weight class However, just because it weighs so little doesn’t mean that this thing doesn’t provide a smooth ride. This stroller prided itself on its large tires and shock suspension and it really showed while jogging on some normally unusual terrain. Smooth sailing for me and baby and even fat chihuahua when we got him stashed in there.

While it boasted a lot of the same features that a lot of other joggers do, it had some cute things that I liked about it. Added to its personality! Unlike the other joggers previously mentioned, I didn’t have to use my feet to do any sort of brake action. This bad boy features a bicycle-style hand brake and it had me wishing that every other jogger on this list had something as easy to use. The child seat pocket was also really nice for keeping a spare toy for baby whenever she was actually awake, but I did have a hard time cleaning out some yogurt when her packet inevitably found its way inside the little compartment.

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  • Super lightweight jogging stroller!
  • Bicycle-style hand brake is great for even the tightest of turns, and makes for extra safety and control for you and your baby
  • Spring-shock suspension system made for a really smooth ride
  • Entire seat cover lifts away for easy cleaning


  • Doesn’t have the greatest storage space, sadly

Evenflo Folio3 Stroll and Jog Travel System

We’re starting to head into bougie territory, but hey, jogging strollers are bougie in a way just on their own, right? The Evenflo Folio3 Stroll & Jog boasts a versatility that is similar to the Graco, but was notably smoother. It has a detachable car seat that was great for lugging around baby in restaurants, and easily clicked back into its stroller as easily as I needed it to.

Unlike the other options on this list, I found that the Evenflo Folio3’s canopy was absolutely the best coverage for my baby. If I wanted to go jogging and it was a light drizzle, only I would be bothered by it. 

Plus, because it had a spy window, I could check in on her whenever I wanted and even pull a funny face or two when the princess demanded it of me. The storage bin was second to none and though it didn’t have a cover on top, I could fit FAR more inside it than other strollers on the list.

The other feature that I adored about the Folio3 was the fact that when folded up, it really was tiniest thing. It boasted about how it could get super compact and boy did I have fun trying it out in all the unusual spots in my apartment that normally couldn’t fit a stroller.

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  • Both stroller and car seat included
  • Massive amount of storage space!
  • Canopy completely protects even young infants from UV rays and seasonal elements
  • Minimum weight limit is a mere 4 pounds, which is less than the typical lightweight jogging stroller


  • At 31 pounds, it’s not the lightest of the jogging strollers, but it’s also far from the heaviest

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Lightweight Jogging Stroller

I waited for this one eagerly once I got all my ducks in a row and dived into the fray of really bougie price tags. My sister and I had been eyeing the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging stroller ever since she was gearing up for baby #2 and it was a stroller that truly delivered on everything the price tag seemed to promise! The wheels were far more rugged than I was used to with the other strollers I had been using and it boasted a shock absorbing suspension that made for an ultra smooth ride.

It folded down easily enough as well and the fact that it could hold up to 75 lbs meant that though expensive, my sister would be using it until it basically broke down! I managed to fit in into places around her house that we both didn’t think I could.

Did I mention that this lightweight jogging stroller weighs 25lbs and can carry three times its weight? Once already? I’ll say it again. THREE times its own weight. That’s a sturdy build.

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  • Super lightweight stroller at only 25 pounds
  • Wheels are fantastic, even when compared to other jogging strollers
  • Your baby can ride within it for up to 75 pounds. That’s a seriously long time!


  • Travel system adapter is currently only sold separately, sadly

BOB Rambler Lightweight Jogging Stroller

If you thought the weight capacity on the last stroller was good, guess what? It’s matched with this next lightweight jogging stroller, too! The BOB Rambler Jogging stroller ALSO has a weight capacity of 75 lbs. And an even bigger canopy. Maximum shade! …In a good way. 

The frame of this stroller is made from really solid aluminum and I absolutely loved how sturdy it was! Between the really nice front wheel locking system, the handbrake system, and the literal fact that it’s made using mountain bike suspension—i.e real smooth—this jogging stroller was a super delight to go out with. Made me love feeling the wind through my hair without having to worry about whether baby would tip over at all. Seriously. This thing is super stable! 

Oh, and if you want to take this bougie buggy out for a ride with your newborn, you totally can. Unfortunately have to get a compatible infant car seat, but, hey, at least it’s an option!

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  • Compatible with the BOB infant car seat as well as most other major brands
  • Super Lightweight at only a total weight of 25 pounds
  • Upper canopy is super huge, and can fully protect your baby from UV even on the sunniest of days


  • Storage bin below could be built a little better

Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller

Another entry to the list, and it just keeps getting more and more bougie. The next lightweight jogging stroller is the Chicco TRE Jogging Stroller! This stroller looks much bigger than its light weight would suggest and my arms (and back!) thank it so much for me.

Weighing in at just 28lbs, it’s not the lightest stroller out there, but it comes with a lot of really neat features that baby and I loved. The fact that it’s compatible with the Chicco KeyFit made those awkward newborn months so easy to move baby from the stroller to the car…to the stroller…to the car. Over and over again without too much effort.

The added support in the control was also super awesome, too. I loved the way that I was able to control the stroller with just one hand, and the hand brake and other goodies up on top with the parent tray were great for storing both baby’s and my own phone, keys, toys, and anything else I could fit up there, really.

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  • Central console system gives you complete control from the top of the stroller
  • Bicycle breaks are great for quick stops and turns for speedy parents
  • Seat can be removed and replaced with the KeyFit infant car seat


  • Only compatible fully with the KeyFit and Fit2 infant car seats
  • Getting pretty expensive with the last two

Thule Glide 2.0 Performance Jogging Stroller

If you’re not already tired of me saying bougie today, then you know exactly what we’re all about. This next jogging stroller is B.O.U.G.I.E. It’s far more expensive than every other option on the list, but wow is it super sleek. If this had more color options beyond black, I would be all over it. All the time.

Despite only weighing 23lbs, the Thule Glide easily can hold up to 75lbs on its sleek, durable frame. I could easily see baby staying it in until they were old enough to put up a fuss about still being in a stroller. Or a seriously muuuch fatter chihuahua than mine.

I’ve never seen a jogging stroller that folds so cleanly, either! The Thule is one of the most compact builds I’ve ever seen in a stroller and it’s amazing how much more room I feel I have in the back of my car compared to even some of the others on this list. 

If it wasn’t so much more expensive, I’d definitely keep this one for baby and I, especially on cool summer days, but I daresay it may even be too bougie for me! Still, I’ll throw on some fake Gucci sunglasses and live like a queen for now.

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  • Can easily hold up to 75 pounds, meaning you’ll be able to use this for many, many years
  • Extremely light, even for lightweight jogging strollers, as it only weighs a mere 23 pounds
  • The wheels are easily some of the largest on any stroller out there
  • Folds up almost completely flat, making it perfect for compact spaces


  • Very expensive compared to other lightweight jogging strollers

Frequently Asked Questions About Lightweight Jogging Strollers

What are Lightweight Jogging Strollers?

Jogging strollers are rugged, all-terrain strollers made for parents on the go! They can be used for walking like any other stroller or lock in that fixed wheel and it can steadily go on a brisk jog for the ultimate workout with your baby cheering you on from below.

For many, jogging strollers are considered to be lightweight if they’re made to be under 35 total pounds. For the purpose of selecting all of the above strollers, this is the limit we went with.

Why Should I Consider a Lightweight Jogging Stroller?

Because you’re worth it! Though it boils down to exercising and your own well being, you can’t discount that jogging strollers are made for all terrain types. Most regular strollers can’t handle whenever you go on anything less than a perfect sidewalk and having that option means more places become available for you and your baby to go to. So whether just to the grocery store, around the block, or the Renn Faire, jogging strollers have you covered.

Are Lightweight Jogging Strollers Safe?

Of course they are! As safe as any stroller, all of them have to go through a rigid safety inspection before being released on the market. Most strollers even come with stickers and emblems on their packaging just to show how safety certified they are. Accidents can happen with any stroller though, so always err on the side of caution. If anything feels weird with your jogging stroller, don’t hesitate to contact the manufacturer!

Are Lightweight Jogging Strollers Worth It?

I personally can’t go back to a regular stroller once I got a jogging one. Besides the fact that some of them have the baby in the exact same position as a traditional stroller, the wheels and suspension systems make all the difference. The rides are smoother, which means they are longer and that’s great for you and baby. Getting out and about is great!

How Long Can My Child Use a Lightweight Jogging Stroller?

The general answer: for as long as any other stroller. The specific? That depends entirely on the jogging stroller that you’ve chosen. Each stroller has the exact specifications listed for the maximum baby weight with the average being around 50 lbs, but even then if your baby or child wants to explore the world on their own two feet that may be the end of your usage! Until they get tired and need to take a nap that is!

Can My Infant Sleep in a Lightweight Jogging Stroller Easily and Comfortably?

Due to their all-terrain wheels, the jogging stroller doesn’t jostle around as much as the average stroller does. Therefore, baby tends to sleep more soundly since it’s smooth sailing. Of course it’s all dependent on your baby since if they are the ultimate factors in whether or not they will sleep anywhere.

Final Thoughts on Lightweight Jogging Strollers

Even after reading my full list and going through the options, price tags, features, and all my personal jokes, at the end of the day, the perfect jogging stroller will be the one that appeals to the part of you that you need to consider the most. Be it budget, looks, long-lasting lifespan, or weight, a jogging stroller is meant to enhance your life for you and your baby. Whatever you choose, it will be the one that fits the need of you and your family: relaxing family time!

Your baby’s first experience outside will be with you and you want to make every moment of that count. Don’t sweat the little things like yogurt spilling, or whether or not you can find the perfect song for your jog. Just enjoy your stroll or jog and relish in the fact that you and your baby are bonding over something healthy and something that feels good.