Best Compact Indoor Baby Swings for Your Baby

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Best Compact Indoor Baby Swings for Your Baby

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases through links clicked on this website. For more information, please read our advertising disclaimer.

One of the most common things you’ll hear as a warning to new parents is just how much time your newborn baby will take from you. We’ve all heard the same lines. Some variation of “Better enjoy your time now, because it’s all gone after the new baby shows up”! 

Let’s face it: babies DO take a lot of time and effort, especially in the early months. It’s almost always a pretty hectic and overwhelming time for new parents. (Okay, really, it’s a hectic time for all parents no matter how much they prepare or feel they’ve experienced from the last kid.)

And that’s exactly why distractions are important for all parents, and especially those who have a very hyperactive, energetic addition to their family. Many parents feel that distractions like toys, TV and movies, bouncers, activity chairs, and—in this case—indoor baby swings are godsends to staying sane in this tumultuous time. And, really, every parent deserves a break every now and then.

Why You Should Consider an Indoor Baby Swing

So, you may think, “why should I get an indoor baby swing?”

The main appeal of an indoor baby swing in my opinion is the fact that they mimic the actions that you would be doing. To comfort your baby, you’ll pick them up and rock them and burp them and do whatever else to ensure they’re happy and taken care of. Indoor baby swings tend to sway in the same comforting ways that you as a mother or father would do.

Additionally, indoor baby swings also are very convenient for those with limited space. I’m going to go ahead and assume that not all of us have access to several-thousand square foot homes with room for everything new that comes with a newborn. This is exactly why indoor baby swings are so great: many of them fold out of the way whenever they’re not in use, and even if they don’t, the swings built for inside use are almost always very space efficient.

Thus, we’ve collected ten of the best compact indoor baby swings on the market to help parents everywhere get those much-needed reprieves!

Best Overall: Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Cradle ‘N’ Swing

This indoor baby swing is seriously rad, and overall the best for keeping your young one entertained, sleeping or otherwise. The swing itself also doesn’t take up much space, but the stand does extend outward somewhat.

One of the really awesome features of the swing is the fact that you can rotate the inner portion to make the swing either sway front and back like a normal baby swing, or rock side-to-side if that’s your child’s preference. Between the six different swing speeds and varying motions, a lot of children will sleep soundly for hours in this swing while you’re able to do anything else around the house, or just take a needed rest for a while.

In addition, the Snugabunny also comes with sixteen different songs, “natural” sounds as an additional option, and three different seating recline options to (hopefully!) ensure that even the most picky children can be placated by some feature.

Lastly, for those worried about any potential messes your baby may make, the swing includes a seat cover that is easily machine washed in the event that your baby creates a mess out of it. Which is probably an inevitably, really.

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  • Can swing in multiple directions
  • A solid amount of entertainment options such as the adorable mobile and sounds included
  • Easily cleaned if (and really when) your child makes a mess on the swing


  • Swing speed may be too much for children not used to motion, and it may be better to ease them into it by swinging them naturally in your arms at first

Best Budget-Friendly Option: Ingenuity ConvertMe Swing

The Ingenuity ConvertMe makes the list as the most budget-friendly compact indoor baby swing available on the market. It’s a great little swing that doesn’t take up much space, nor much money to boot! The swing conveniently folds and can be put in storage when not in use.

This indoor baby swing comes with two different motion options: normal swinging from front to back or an alternative vibration setting. Although the vibration setting isn’t the strongest around, it’s a nice addition to have for children that may grow restless with repetitive movement. Swinging also has five different speed settings to appease all kinds of motion loving babies out there.

The baby swing also includes a 5-point safety harness system so that parents may have peace of mind in the event that they need to move away from their child for any reason.

As with most baby swings, sounds are included. The Ingenuity ConvertMe includes eight different soft songs and three natural sounds to entertain and comfort your child.

However, one thing to note is that the seat portion of the baby swing drains batteries fairly quickly, so please remember to factor the purchase of batteries—preferably rechargeable ones!—into your decision as well.

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  • Great features that match the much more expensive competition
  • Harness is really nice
  • Vibration is a pretty great and unexpected addition, too


  • Battery-operated design means you’ll be spending a lot of time charging batteries, or spending a lot more than you expect on replacement batteries
  • Materials used in the build don’t feel as great as others, but this is to be expected for the cheaper price

Best Luxury Option: 4Moms MamaRoo Indoor Baby Swing

The next and most luxurious indoor baby swing on the list the is 4moms mamaRoo 4. This baby swing is among the most compact indoor baby swings out there, and is packed full of really awesome features.

For starters, the baby swing comes with five different motion speeds and four built-in sounds inherently in the chair itself. But the real special option is the fact that you can use Bluetooth to control each of the features from afar using your phone via the swing’s app! How cool is that? 

In addition, you can also use your phone to play music of your choice through the chair as well. Want your child to listen to the same beats you do? Go ahead. Get ’em hooked early! 

Another really important thing of note is the fact that absolutely no batteries are required for operation. This particular indoor baby swing operates 100% through an AC adapter, so you never have to worry about battery costs or any recharging.

Lastly, the baby swing has the ability to recline to any angle that you choose for the maximum comfort of your child. Fully customize that swing to suit your baby’s needs!

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  • Bluetooth App included is great for tuning the controls while multitasking around the house
  • You can choose the music that plays through the swing; anything that you want your baby to hear
  • No batteries ever needed due to being AC-adapter operated: simply plug it into the wall!


  • Cost is up there, at nearly double some of the competitors’ prices, but features may make it worth it to a lot of people

Best to Sleep In: Graco DreamGlider Gliding Baby Swing and Sleeper

The next on the list of compact indoor baby swings if the DreamGlider by Graco. This baby swing’s main stand out feature is the ability to transition from a baby swing with a normal seat to a swinging baby bed! It’s perfect for any nursery setup for the purpose of saving space by combining both a baby swing and sleeping area in one.

In addition, the baby swing comes with all the standard features such an ample music melodies and other sounds, a secure harness for the seat setup, and a mobile to help keep your kid’s attention. 

The baby swing and bed combo also features six different gliding settings for the comfort and enjoyment of your child and all operate in both the seat and bassinet modes. 

Best of all, you can choose whether you want to use batteries or an AC adapter to operate the swing. For most people, this will mean finding areas around the house where you can plug the swing into. For some, however, you may love the idea of using batteries and taking the bassinet swing with you wherever you and your baby end up.

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  • Ability to swap between seat and bassinet allows your baby to sleep flat in the gliding swing
  • Compact and Lightweight enough to move around the house if desired
  • No need to purchase a separate bassinet makes it a great 2-in-1 value option


  •  Batteries still are drained fairly quickly if not using the AC adapter instead

Best Multipurpose Combination: Primo 2-in-1 Indoor Baby Swing and High Chair

The Primo 2-in-1 Smart Voyager combo infant swing and high chair is probably one of the most unique combination baby products available today. While it’s technically not a compact indoor baby swing on its own, it makes the list due to the fact that it doubles as both a baby swing and high chair through a very easy conversion into either mode. You can literally switch between high chair and baby swing within seconds! This allows parents to save space overall due to not having to get both products separately.

As with most indoor baby swings on the market, the Primo 2-in-1 Smart Voyager does not slack on features. The Primo includes over a dozen sounds and songs installed and has eight different swing speeds. Both the music and swing speed can conveniently also be adjusted through your phone via an app for the swing!

One of the coolest unique features of this indoor baby swing is something they call the “Cry-Activation Mode.” When your baby begins to cry and throw a fit, the swing will automatically transition into the slowest swing mode to console them for eight minutes afterwards. As we all know the temperamental nature of children, this is a boon for parents, as you won’t have to go and pick up your children every single time they start to fuss up. 

The high chair option is no slouch either! The high chair has three different height options to match your dining room table’s height for ease of use. It also has three different table settings in case you need to further customize the positioning for your child. The table also is very easy to clean (again and again and again).

Lastly, the Primo baby swing and high chair combo is one of the sturdiest on the market, as its legs are made of metal. Most baby swings and high chairs on the market are made from plastic, so this was a nice bonus as well!

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  • High chair and baby swing combination means you don’t have to spend more on buying the two separately
  • Unique, tall design that stands out compared to other baby swings
  • Easy to clean, easy to use
  • Cry-Activation Mode is great for soothing fussy children before you even have to act at all


  • Expensive for those looking only for an indoor baby swing, but still generally cheaper than buying a high chair and swing separately

Most Portable: Graco EveryWay Soother Baby Swing

If you don’t want the option to transition into a bassinet, or prefer to move your baby around the house with you, this second baby swing option by Graco is another fantastic choice. It’s main feature is the ability to remove the top seat portion and move your baby around in the detachable rocker.  Really great for parents who prefer to never let their infants out of their sight.

The EveryWay is named as such because another feature of this indoor baby swing is the fact that it has eight different ways to swing in two different directions. For children who get bored with repetitive motions, the EveryWay has the ability to move in figure-eights, zig-zags, circles, and much more. In addition, there are six different speeds through these motions as well. Pretty neat, right?

Additionally, the Graco EveryWay comes with sixteen different songs and sounds, some toys, and has the ability to vibrate, too. The Graco EveryWay also comes with an AC adapter so you don’t have to worry about batteries at all either. 

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  • No batteries necessary; just bring your baby’s swing to an available, accessible outlet around the house
  • Many different motion functions to cycle through for your baby
  • Detachable upper portion can easily convert into a rocker when the soother isn’t in direct use


  • Vibration feature occasionally doesn’t activate properly, but this isn’t common

Bassinet Swing Option: CBBAY Electric Bassinet Baby Swing

The next compact indoor baby swing on the list is the CBBAY Electric Cradle Baby Swing Bed. This indoor baby swing is the first on the list to be 100% dedicated to being a swinging bassinet. As it functions as both a flat sleeping place and a baby swing, it’s not unlike the Graco DreamGlider featured above, but is more intended for parents who do not wish to have their child swinging upright at all. 

The baby bassinet swing includes a remote control and several timers that you may set to help your baby fall asleep. As per the standard, over a dozen sounds and songs are included and installed in the swing as well. 

The CBBAY Electric Cradle is convenient in that it can be powered either through batteries or a 5V AC Adapter. This allows the baby swing to be used both indoors and outdoors when necessary, as it’s completely portable.

Lastly, this baby swing comes in blue, pink, and the beige coloring shown above. Pick your favorite!

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  • Great for sleeping newborn children
  • Several color options to choose from
  • Fully portable due to being able to operate through an adapter or batteries


  • Quickly outgrown within around half a year, as the bassinet does not convert into a suitable seat for your growing child

Cutest Overall Design: Fisher-Price My Little Snugabear Cradle ‘n’ Swing

This second indoor baby swing by Fisher-Price was another contender with overall best, and shares nearly every feature that the Snugabunny featured at the top most position. In the end, however, the inability to remove the bear portion easily for cleaning knocked it out of the running. However, the Snugabear is still one of the best compact indoor baby swings out on the market, and arguably the cutest design on the market. Look at that little bear!

Like the Snugabunny, the baby swing includes six different swing speeds and over a dozen songs and sounds. It also includes three different seating positions for your child’s comfort. Plus, an AC Adapter is included so you never have to worry about things dying due to batteries. Yay!

You may also choose between rocking your child from side to side or rocking them front and back. Or switch them up. Your baby will love it, and you’ll love their looks of surprise at your unpredictability. Score one, parents.

One potential downside is for parents who have, well, chunkier babies. The Snugabear can be quickly outgrown by babies that are born with a high starting weight and/or pack on those pounds quickly.

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  • Incredibly cute design
  • Very comfortable seat for infants


  • Will be outgrown fairly quickly by children that grow quicker than normal

Most Compact Option: 4Moms RockaRoo Compact Indoor Baby Swing

The 4moms rockaRoo indoor baby swing is one of the most compact swings out there. 4moms boasts that this particular baby swing is about a third the size of the average baby swing. On top of that, it’s one of the lightest indoor baby swings out there, weighing in at just over seventeen pounds. Should be really easy to move around the house (or out of the way), right?

The 4moms rockaRoo comes with the features we’ve come to expect of many indoor baby swings on the market. The swing includes five different speed settings, and the inner seat provides a 3-point setup for your infant’s security. Additionally, like the other 4moms products’, you have the ability to hook up your phone and play music for you and your baby through the chair as well!

This particular indoor baby swing is 100% AC Adapter operated. You’ll never need to spend anything extra on batteries, as the adapter is included and can be plugged in anywhere you wish for this swing to travel around your house. What a savings.

However, this baby swing does not come with motorized musical toys, so please keep in mind that you’ll likely be using your phone to play music through the swing most of the time.

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  • Extremely lightweight and easy to move around the house as you do
  • Very small, compact design makes it easy to store out of the way when not in use
  • Can use the Bluetooth App to play any music you desire through the swing


  • Installed music isn’t the greatest, so you’ll definitely want to use the Bluetooth App to play your own tunes
  • Rocking motions aren’t strong compared to more hefty indoor baby swings

Secondary Portable Option: Ingenuinity Boutique Collection Portable Baby Swing

Last but not least on the list is the Ingenuity Boutique Collection Swing ‘n Go Portable Swing. This last indoor baby swing is another portable baby swing that is powered by batteries and can be taken anywhere you and your baby go. It’s also pretty well designed and has a objectively great coloring scheme.

As with many others on the market, songs and sounds are included in this indoor baby swing as well. The Ingenuity Boutique sports over ten sounds and songs together.

In addition, it also had five different swing speeds that all operate at a minimum noise level. Between the battery saving technology and the fact that this swing is fully travel friendly, it’s an excellent choice for parents who intend to bring a baby swing on the go with them.

Lastly, the swing has timers that can be set to up to one hour of constant motion. Setting and forgetting is always a great thing, right?

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  • Batteries last a surprisingly long time while used in this swing
  • Very safe and efficient design for the price point
  • Sleek, almost sporty aesthetics 


  • Can only be used with batteries, and no AC adapter option is available

Frequently Asked Questions About Indoor Baby Swings

Why Should I Consider Purchasing an Indoor Baby Swing?

Every parent needs a break from time to time, and indoor baby swings are one of the means to provide just that. Whether it means giving yourself time to do other things around the house or just sitting down for a while and binging your latest favorite TV show, you deserve it. Plus, your child will love both the entertainment and sleeping area provided. Win-win.

Are Indoor Baby Swings Safe?

Most indoor baby swings are built for newborns in mind, and many include full three to five point harness systems to support your child in all potential positions. This means that you can rest easy knowing your child is safe and secure while swinging away.

Always remember to supervise your child no matter how safe they may seem in their baby swing, though!

Are Indoor Baby Swings Worth It?

For most parents, I would definitely say they are. Unless you intend to command the attention of your newborn and take care of every single fuss and fit that comes up—and all the power to you for managing that!—baby swings are amazing for helping you make a tad more time for yourself.

How Long Can My Child Use an Indoor Baby Swing?

This is a tough question to answer as it varies from swing to swing, and also depends on how quickly your young one grows. However, as an average, most indoor baby swings will typically last a minimum of six months. Many on the market can last up to the first or second year mark, though it all depends on your needs.

At What Age Should My Child Stop Using a Baby Swing?

Generally speaking, your child should stop using a baby swing when they reach the weight capacity, or when they’re able to sit up unassisted. Your child can still use a baby swing after the latter, but there may be better options at that point to help in assisting the development of early motor skills. This is typically between the six month to one year old mark.

Can My Baby Sleep in His or Her Baby Swing?

Absolutely! The comfort level of each swing varies, but most are designed to provide a comfy space that your baby can relax, be soothed, and pass out in.

I Have a Small Apartment. What is the Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces?

If you’re working with an apartment or room that smaller than 500 square feet, I would strongly recommend either of the 4Moms models above, or the Primo high chair and baby swing combination. Both will save you space either by being small and compact, or reducing your need for purchasing separate chairs for your young one.

How Do I Clean My Baby’s Swing?

Most of the above indoor baby swings included removeable machine-washable padding that parents can freely take and throw in the wash. In the event that other parts of the baby swing become messy, simple take a warm, damp cloth and a non-offensive safe cleaner to the part to clean.

Picking the Best Indoor Baby Swing for You

If you’ve read all of the above reviews, and still aren’t sure which of the above indoor baby swings is right for your family, don’t worry. Below, you’ll find our brief summarized statements on each of the above models and who they’re for. Hopefully it assists in helping you decide between models that you may have been on the fence about after pouring through all of the text above.

Hopefully you now can choose between what each of the above indoor baby swings has to offer and weigh what you need out of it to make your decision. 

Thanks for reading, new and old parents!