Best Baby Bouncers for Babies the Love Bouncing

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Like the rocking chair and indoor baby swing, baby bouncers are yet another item on many parents’ lists to occupy their young ones. They’re the second we’ve reviewed that also help develop crucial motor skills early on in their lives. 

Before your child can reliably crawl, bouncers can be an excellent choice for both comfort and relaxation for all newborn children. They help to entertain our children early on, as the bouncing action for all newborns is generally very soothing. 

Parents love baby bouncers because they allow us to go around the house and do other things while knowing our babies are safe, secure, and placated without having to always carry them around with us.

Thus, we have collected and reviewed ten of the best baby bouncers out there that we feel  newborns everywhere will love to bounce in, for all parents’ sake.

The Fisher-Price My Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer is the first on the list of best baby bouncers, and one of the most budget-friendly options on the list. 

The bouncer, despite its cheaper price point, sports a multitude of options such as a convenient cat and dog mobile, sounds and music to calm your child, and a vibration system to help out.

Additional Features

– Optional removable mobile.

– Up to 20 minutes of sounds and calming music provided.

– Weight limit of 25lbs.

Final Thoughts

The Fisher-Price Little Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer is a great first entry on this list, as it provides a lot of bang for your buck. While not the greatest bouncer on the market, it’s hard to beat the features provided at the low price point of this baby bouncer, which makes it one of the best contenders on the list regardless.


  • Super comfy and plush seat for your child
  • Lots of various music and sound patterns for entertainment
  • Adorable dog theme!


  • 25 pound limit will be outgrown sooner rather than later, but at least it’s fairly cheap

The BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft is hands-down the best baby bouncer that money can buy. However, whereas the previous entry on this list was incredibly budget friendly, the BABYBJORN is also one of the most premium and expensive on the market in comparison. 

With its mesh back, variable heights, and convenient travel ability, I can confidently say that there is no bouncer better built than the BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft.

However, one potential downside some parents may think is important is the fact that no sounds or other toys are included with the seat to help entertain their young ones. This can be easily fixed with a movable mobile or putting on your kid’s favorite TV show, but it’s one more thing to think about.

Additional Features

– Perfect for children up to two years old.

– Machine washable and lightweight.

– Weight limit of up to 29lbs.

Final Thoughts

The BABYBJORN Bouncer Balance Soft is the best baby bouncer available in my honest opinion. Its build is unparalleled and there are no other bouncers out there nearly as convenient. If the premium price doesn’t kill your wallet, I would strongly recommend this bouncer to all parents looking for something that’ll last, especially if considering multiple children using it over time.


  • Absolutely no batteries, plugs, or any other electrical fixtures needed! Yay!
  • Ergonomic, clean, and unique design helps assist your child’s early motor skills growth
  • Your baby can easily sleep or entertain themselves through bouncing in this comfy bouncer


  • Expensive compared to many options out there, but also much more durable, too
  • Toy bar is sold separately, and without music or other sounds, you’ll probably need something else for additional visual stimulation

The third on the list of the best baby bouncers is the Minnie Mouse PeekABoo Activity Jumper by Disney. 

The Disney baby bouncer is another activity bouncer that is perfect for any parents who are either Disney fans, or who wish to have an adorable cute pink setup for their new child.

Additionally, the bouncer features many prominent Disney-themed activities and a 360 degree swivel seat for your child’s learning and playing developmental needs.

Additional Features

– Twelve toys and activities with additional loops for adding extra toys.

– Minnie Mouse themed sounds and lights around the entire bouncer.

– Weight limit of 25lbs.

Final Thoughts

One of the best themed activity baby bouncers out there, and great for any Disney fans. Though she’s not a Disney princess, Minnie Mouse is still a staple for Disney lovers everywhere.


  • Branded straight from Disney
  • Adorable, licensed design featuring Minnie Mouse
  • Plenty of Disney-themed toys and sounds included for fun!


  • A tad on the expensive side for lower end activity jumpers, but it’s branded by Disney, so that’s to be expected

The next on the list to include additional toys and activities to keep your kid entertained, the Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is another of the best baby bouncers out there right now.

The baby jumper includes over twelve different activities at three activity stations located around the chair, which convenient can swivel completely in a circle so your child can explore all of his or her options.

Additional Features

– Activity stations and toys entertain and keep your baby’s attention.

– Toys can be added to the seat via the extra loops around the seat.

– Weight limit of 30lbs.

Final Thoughts

The Baby Einstein Neighborhood Friends Activity Jumper is another of the best baby bouncers out there and is great for serving as both a bouncer and play place for your kid. Your child will love the additional toys!


  • Five different height settings to grow with your child
  • Easily cleaned plastic toys and frame
  • Many, many activities included around the jumper


  • Mostly plastic build may not be for everyone

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is a baby bouncer similar to the previous entry in many ways, and is a good alternative that serves the exact same purpose. 

This baby bouncer also sports a 360 degree swivel seat and many toys for your child to play with.

Additional Features

– Adjustable height to cover child growth.

– Stimulating play activities located in five areas around the jumper itself.

– Weight limit of up to 25lbs.

Final Thoughts

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo is another solid contender for one of the best baby bouncers out there and will easily entertain your child with its five included play stations. That’s a whole lotta entertainment!


  • Plenty of toys around the Rainforest jumper
  • Can be set up for continuous play for your child
  • Helps assist motor and sensory development from an early age


  • Another mostly plastic build that may not be for everyone

The second Baby Einstein to make the list, the Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean Discovery Jumper is another great option from the maker sporting a much more aquatic design for parents who prefer the theme.

The baby bouncer itself allows for your child to both bounce and dance within the seat. 

Additionally, there are toys and activities around the seat that help bolster the vocabulary of your infant as well.

Additional Features

– Playful aquatic theme that sports many sea-themed games.

– Helps develop core muscle groups and cognitive skills at the same time.

– Weight limit of 25lbs.

Final Thoughts

Another great option for one of the best baby bouncers out there, and great for any parents or children who enjoy a marine look. Fishy, fishy, fishy.


  • Wonderful marine theme for those aquatic folk
  • Multiple language activities included for entertainment
  • Lots of fishy sea toys!


  • Yet another mostly hard plastic bounder build

The first Evenflo brand baby bouncer on the list, the Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper, Jungle Quest is another of the top activity baby bouncers out there.

The activity bouncer has over fifty different activities for your kid’s entertainment and learning development. 

Additionally, it has a secondary base on the bottom of the chair that allows even the most enthusiastic of kids to jump harder to their heart’s content.

Additional Features

– Three possible height variants to adjust to.

– Fifty-eight total activities for child development and entertainment.

– No weight limit. Height limit of 30″.

Final Thoughts

One of the best baby bouncers out there in terms of activities and bounce capabilities. A solid choice for any parent with high-energy children, or who wish for the massive amount of toys and things to do to provide a passive learning center for their child.


  • Over fifty total activities and toys included in and around the jumper
  • Nice, soft landing pad for safety and enjoyment in stability
  • Toys can be taken outside the bouncer


  • On the bulky side compared to some other bouncers out there

The second BABYBJORN baby bouncer to make the list, the Bliss is much like the company’s Balance in many ways. 

It’s expensive.

 It doesn’t include toys and activities like some other bouncers do.

However, like the BABYBJORN Balance, the Bliss is another phenomenally well-made, well-built, and super ergonomic build by BABYBJORN.

The only reason that it’s down here compared to the other BABYBJORN model is because it’s even more expensive than their other model.

Additional Features

– Can be used by a newborn all the way up to two years old.

– Natural bouncing means no batteries or electricity will ever be required!

– Super lightweight and easily transportable around the house or elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Another wonderful baby bouncer by BABYBJORN enters the fray, and does wonderfully. This baby bouncer is fantastic and one of the most unique options for babies out there. It’s super expensive, but no other baby bouncer will last as long at the same time, nor generally last for multiple kids if planned.


  • No batteries or any electricity required with this one either
  • Will last for far longer than cheaper plastic options out there
  • Extremely comfortable and can be used for far longer than other bouncers without injury


  • Expensive, but will outlast all of the name brand plastic options

The last fully automatic bouncer available on the list, the Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Ridgedale Bouncer creators take pride in creating a bouncer that attempts to mimic the movements that a mother carrying her child would make.

As such, the main feature of the bouncer is up to 30 minutes of either continuous gentle or a slightly more pronounced bouncing motion for your child.

As with most battery-powered bouncers, the baby bouncer also includes eight melodies and three additional natural sounds for soothing your child.

Additional Features

– Automatic bouncing for up to 30 minutes.

– Removable parts for child comfort.

– Weight limit of up to 20lbs.

Final Thoughts

The Ingenuity SmartBounce Automatic Ridgedale Bouncer is another solid budget bouncer for any parent that wants a bouncer that bounces their children with no effort. It has its flaws, but you get what you pay for.


  • Cheaper than most other bouncers
  • 30 minute automatic bounce timer
  • Bounces are subtle and support sleeping


  • Will be outgrown within half a year

The Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump Portable Activity Center makes a spot on the list for the sole reason that it is by far one of the most portable bouncers for on the go.

One of the only bouncers out there that can accommodate families who travel frequently, the baby bouncer conveniently can be folded and placed in a travel bag at any point for use anywhere.

Also and perhaps best of all, the bouncer can easily be used both indoors and outdoors!

Additional Features

– UV Canopy Included allows for protection from the sun outdoors.

– Toys and activities included with the bouncer.

– Weight limit of 25lbs.

Final Thoughts

Fantastic choice for any parent that wants to have a bouncer for their child that easily can be transported, and works both indoor and outdoor whenever.


  • Take it anywhere your baby goes
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime, even outdoors


  • Will quickly be outgrown, and is cheap in design, but also doesn’t cost much either

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Bouncers

Why Should I Consider a Baby Bouncer?

Baby bouncers are a parent and child’s friend. They help develop the motor and initial cognitive skills of your young ones while keeping your effort minimal. This allows you to do all that you have to while being able to know that your kid is safe, secure, and developing at his or her own pace at the same time.

Are Baby Bouncers Safe?

Baby bouncers are very safe and are highly regulated in their usage. Injuries do happen from time to time, but this is generally due to ignoring product manuals rather than the bouncers themselves. As a parent, please ensure that you do your due diligence in ensuring that your child is the right age, weight, height, and of the right strength before usage of any bouncer.

Are Baby Bouncers Worth It?

In short, yes. Baby bouncers are a great way of ensuring that your child develops crucial muscular and cognitive skills from an early age. 

Are Baby Bouncers Good for Child Development?

As mentioned several times over, absolutely! A baby bouncer is fantastic for challenging your infant in exercising both his or her body and mind. However, proper usage is crucial in this. You do not want to allow your baby to be in the bouncer all the time, as it’s important for your child to also crawl and develop in other ways as well. Ensure a proper balance for the best of your child. 

How Long Do Baby Bouncers Last Before They're Outgrown?

The answer to this varies a lot, but you’ll find that the majority of baby bouncers will last until your child hits the 25 pound mark. Companies like BABYBJORN, however, do produce baby bouncers that’ll last far beyond that. In general, you should expect your baby bouncer to last from anywhere from a few months to years based on cost and materials used to make the bouncer.

Picking the Best Baby Bouncer for Your Baby

If you’re still not sure on which of the above baby bouncers is right for you and your baby, no problem at all. Below, we’ve given our abbreviated recommendations in a short summary form based on the full above reviews. 

Hopefully, you now know which of the above baby bouncers is right for your child and will have a happily bouncing baby in no time!

Thanks for reading, new and old parents!