Best Super King Electric Blankets - Heated Blankets that'll Fit Super and California Kings

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If you or your family are constantly freezing during the harsh winter months even with the heater or fireplace roaring, a heated super king electric blanket might be the best option for more comfortable sleep. 

Though, there aren’t all too many electric blankets made with the biggest mattress sizes in mind. Many electric blanket makers only make blankets up to full, throw, or queen size, so you may have had trouble finding an electric blanket that’s big enough to comfortably lie across your mattress.

Thus, for those of us who own bigger mattresses, you may be wondering where you can get a super king electric blanket that’ll stretch over your super or California king sized mattress comfortably.

And due to this, we at Delicious Comfort have collected and reviewed the best super king (or California king) sized electric blankets available for you to compare below.


If eight heating settings weren’t enough for you in the last blanket, you’re in for a real treat with this Sunbeam one. The Sunbeam electric heated blanket is second on the list, and it has the most heating settings for your customization out of any super king electric blanket on this list.

The Sunbeam features twenty different personalized heating settings for your comfort. These range from enough heat to ensure you sleep through the cold, or barely just enough heat to feel slightly comforted by.

Additionally, the blanket is great at ensuring that this temperature stays more or less consistent throughout the night. It does also feature the 10-hour automatic turn-off feature, but when on we felt that it was great at keeping temperatures under the blanket fairly consistent.

However, the material of this blanket is a somewhat lighter feel compared to the sherpa ones. It’s a very plush and soft blanket through and through, but if you’re someone who requires the heavier-feeling blankets for a good night’s sleep, then other electric blankets might be better for you.

Looking at it in another way, the range of heating options and lighter material make it a great choice to potentially use year-round depending on your house or apartment’s temperature. 


  • 20 different heating settings
  • Great at keeping heat consistent
  • Soft, plush blanket that is smooth and comfortable
  • Can be used year-round in certain climates


  • Plush blanket has a “lighter feel” than using ones with a sherpa interior

The third electric blanket suitable for super kings to make the list is this one by Beautyrest. The strongest appeal of this electric blanket is in its texture. As almost all electric blankets on the market fall into either the sherpa or microplush materials, this electric blanket stands out by having one side be a solid micro berber material instead. The berber is nice and comfy, and makes laying under the blanket feel that much more luxurious.

Otherwise, the blanket features a lot of the qualities we’ve come to know about it and its competitors. It has an auto-shut off feature after ten hours, it has many different heating settings. And, in addition, it has two remotes for either partner to adjust the heating separately.

Overall, I feel this blanket is a great contender for any people who don’t enjoy the feeling of sherpa on their skin or anyone who really wants a material that feels different from the rest out there.


  • Entire blanket feels very soft and luxurious regardless if you’re laying under it or not.
  • Heating is great for both partners 


  • Microplush material is still the what makes the exterior. A fully berber-made blanket would be amazing!

The next addition on the list is the obligatory cheaper option for those with a tighter budget to work with. The best budget-friendly super king electric blanket goes to Pure Warmth.

While it shares many key characteristics with its more expensive competitors, one of its main appeals is the variety of colors that the blankets comes in. The electric blanket currently comes in six different color variations: chocolate, claret, cloud blue, grey, linen, and sage green.

Additionally, despite it being significantly cheaper than others to make the list, the Pure Warmth heated electric blanket still is composed of a microplush exterior and a nice sherpa interior. Both materials are fantastic for ensuring that heat is trapped below the surface.

However, as is common with electric blankets on the cheaper side, the materials of both the exterior and interior of the blanket are notably less thick than the electric blankets of its competitors. 

Additionally, when it comes to electric blankets, there is a strong correlation between how long a blanket will last and the initial cost of the blanket. Though the Pure Warmth electric blanket generally doesn’t fit this bill, it’s always possible that cheaper blankets like this one may not last as long.

Regardless, for the price point, the Pure Warmth super king electric blanket is a fantastic value.


  • Fantastic microplush exterior and sherpa interior
  • Between a third to a half the cost of some other competitors.
  • Does the job well enough


  • Thinner materials overall
  • May not last as long as more expensive electric blankets.

The final entry of this list is… A secondary budget-friendly option? That’s right! The final entry is the MARQUESS king electric blanket. 

Honestly, from a purely objective standpoint, the MARQUESS and Pure Warmth electric blankets are nearly identical in terms of form and function. The MARQUESS electric blanket uses a similar microplush exterior and sherpa interior and has a fairly similar price point in comparison to the Pure Warmth blanket.

However, the MARQUESS is the final slot due to the fact that it currently can only come in a single color variation, whereas the Pure Warmth can be obtained in six separate color variations. The MARQUESS does come in a deeper blue color, however, which may be more up to the style of some people!

At the end of the day, both of the blankets are great, perfectly acceptable budget options.


  • Won’t break the bank compared to competitors
  • Deep blue color of blanket can appeal to many
  • Microplush exterior and sherpa interior are always a great combination


  • Thinner, and cheaper materials compared to much more expensive options
  • May have a chance of not lasting as long as more expensive or luxury options

Best Super King Electric Blankets — Frequently Asked Questions

Are Electric Blankets Safe or Dangerous?

For the most part, electric blankets are completely safe. Accidents do happen from time to time, but so long as you do your due diligence in adhering to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturers of each electric blanket, you should be safe.

Some things that you may do to further mitigate your chance of risk are:

  • Ensure you are not plugging your electric blanket into a power surge or extension cable. This may greatly increase your chance of failure.
  • Use a modern electric blanket. Older electric blankets (pre-2000s, typically) may not come equipped with safety features such as automatically turning off after a set period of time.
  • Inspect your cords periodically. When cords rub up against bed frames or other surfaces over time, it is possible for them to become frayed. Ensure that your cords are in great shape before use.
However, please note that if you are diabetic, you should avoid usage of heated electric blankets for your long-term safety.

How Big is a Super King or California King Mattress?

A Super King mattress typically ranges from 72 x 78 inches / 180 x 200 centimeters to a maximum of 80 x 98 inches / 203 x 249 centimeters, depending on your region of the world.

A California King mattress typically ranges from 72 x 83.5 inches to 80 x 80 inches, once again depending on what region of the world it’s being referred to.

Will All of the Above Super King Electric Blankets Really Fit My Bed?


The minimum size of all of the above super king sized electric blankets is 100 x 90 inches / 254 x 228.6 centimeters.

As you can see by the dimensions of the blanket compared to the mattress size ranges mentioned in the previous question, every one of the above blankets is larger than either mattress.

Are Electric Blankets Washable?


All electric blankets should absolutely be washable to some extent. Check with your manufacturer to determine the best way to wash your blanket.

Are Electric Blankets Harmful to My Health?

Not in the slightest. 

With the exception of males who are looking to increase their fertility chances and those with diabetes, electric blankets do not have any statistical long-term data that suggests they’re harmful to you.

(For males that ARE looking to increase their fertility chances, keep any heated sources away from your midsection! High temperature exposure around the area can reduce your chances, though this is remedied soon after your exposure to the heat is handled.)

Picking the Best Super King Electric Blanket for You - How to Make the Right Selection

For those that have made it this far and still are unsure what electric blanket is best for your California or Super King bed, here’s a brief breakdown to help you make your potential choice:

  • If you want the best overall choice and don’t mind paying a premium for it:
  • If you want a lot of different heating options, an electric blanket you may be able to use in all weather, or a full microplush electric blanket:
  • If you want a luxurious-feeling material coupled with heat that isn’t quite like the others:
  • If you’re on a budget and are looking for something with lots of different variations:
  • If you’re on a budget and aren’t a fan of the colors offered by Pure Warmth:
 Thanks for reading, you beautiful, warm, comfy people!