Everything You Should Know About Electric Blankets

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Have the temperatures dropped yet in your neighborhood? Maybe you’ve noticed a chill in the air as you dress for work, or a cool breeze at your feet when you get out of the bath at night. If you’ve been feeling the need to dress warmer these days and if there’s frost on the ground when you wake in the morning, then Old Man Winter is probably on his way. The good news is that an electric blanket can keep you toasty and warm when the cold weather hits. Most electric blankets are safe, affordable and energy efficient, making them a good choice for many homes.

Electric blankets combine the best of a traditional blanket with the heat of an electric burner. They are favorites among people who desire both a warm and comfortable sleep. What could possibly be a toastier option than that? Because of their low maintenance and portability, many people opt to use electric blankets when the winter season rolls around, and for good reason. They keep you warm and they feel great, too.

Electric blankets don’t spike your electric bill, either, making them a popular choice for many savvy consumers. Because electric blankets are designed for use on a bed or couch, they only consume a small amount of electrical energy, so there is no need to worry about having an outrageous electric bill in the middle of February. If you’ve never tried out an electric blanket, then this winter might be the best time to do so.

How Do Electric Blankets Work?

How, exactly, does an electric blanket work? It’s simple. An electric blanket works by internally heating the fabric of the blanket itself. The outside of an electric blanket is protected by a heat-safe coating while the internal layering is composed of a complex wiring system that sends heat through coils. These electric coils are what conduct the heat that keeps you so cozy when snuggled under an electric blanket. They are also safe, when used properly, so you don’t need to worry about hazards.

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Most electric blankets can be plugged in to an electrical outlet and can be adjusted to preferred levels. The majority of electric blankets that you see in stores are made of both acrylic and polyester. This combination is safe from fire and provides optimal warmth. Almost all electric blankets come with settings so that you can control how much heat you want at a given time, as well as how long you want to keep your blanket in use.

Just about every electric blanket on the market nowadays comes with at least three settings–low, medium and high. This versatility makes electric blankets a favorite among those who like having the ability to control the temperature in their environment. What’s more, many electric blankets that are designed for Super King and California Kings, regular Kings, or sometimes even Queen-sized beds have a heat adjuster on both sides of the blanket to make for easy access to the controls. Even if you aren’t a gadget expert, you can still figure out how to adjust electric blanket settings with little to no experience.

How Much Does It Cost to Use an Electric Blanket?

You might be wondering how much electricity an electric blanket puts out, especially if you are conscious about your electric bill. The good news is that an electric blanket only uses up to 100 watts, or 200 if you’re using an electric blanket with thermostats on each side. 

In total, this typically amounts to a daily usage of anywhere between 0.3 to 1.5 kilowatts per each eight hours of usage. The wide range depends on how high you have your temperature(s) set to. Even a double thermostat electric blanket set to low won’t use all that much electricity!

This amounts to approximately 3 to 15 cents per day of use, on average, in the US. If you live in a high-electricity cost state such as California, it may be a tad more, but nothing that’ll destroy your wallet.

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Because of this, many people prefer electric blankets because they can be used either before bed or during sleep and they don’t cost much to use, even on a daily basis. If you’ve ever been on the fence about whether you should invest in an electric blanket or not, the efficiency ratings might be enough to sway you.

Additional Safety Precautions for Your Electric Blanket

Every brand of electric blanket has a section of large connectors, usually at the end of the blanket. These connectors are what channel the electricity from your electrical outlets into the coils that heat your blanket. If you purchase an electric blanket, it’s important that you remember to unplug these connectors before washing or cleaning. Most electric blankets come with simple to follow instructions, but if you have questions about how to disengage the connectors, you should always call the manufacturer.

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You’ll also want to make sure that you put the connector side of the blanket with the controls at your feet or at the end of the bed. This ensures that no fire safety issue arises while the blanket is in use. It also helps eliminate the possibility of the connectors disengaging by falling out of the electrical outlet. If you’re new to electric blankets, it might seem confusing at first, but with a little patience you’ll have yours set up in no time. You can always call the manufacturer with questions or look up the instructions online, as well.

Lastly, always remember to check your cord for any potential wear and tear. The last thing you want is a risk of burning or fire due to exposed wires or other rubbing.

Final Thoughts on Electric Blankets

If you haven’t made a decision about what electric blanket is best for your family, why not shop around and look for reviews online? (Our big bed electric blanket reviews can be found here!)

You can always call the manufacturer once you’ve narrowed down your selection to find out more specific questions about each blanket on your list. 

Electric blankets make excellent gifts for both birthdays and holidays, so consider keeping someone warm this season with an electric blanket that they can use for years to come. 

Hopefully you’re now one step closer to finding the perfect electric blanket for both you and your family or friends.

Thanks for reading, warmth lovers!